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  1. Hello, I saw plans for sale for a wooden framed greenhouse. It is shaped like a Bishop's hat and is used in the north east. I believe that the designer and seller lives in New Brunswick or Nova Scotia. Has anyone seen this link or know the address? Any help is always appreciated, Norm ;D
  2. Heads Up! (Well, Head or no Head)

    Thanx for the heads up! Sounds like the English settlers of New England declaring war on all Indian nations when one tribe kills a cow to eat.
  3. Battery Charger

    Where did you get your solar system? Sounds like a great idea. Norm
  4. Battery Charger

    Thanx for the affirmation Dave! I would go with two singles so if one breaks down the other can fill in until a replacement can be installed. Just my way of doing things.
  5. Amazing Mods!

    Thanx Bill!
  6. Battery Charger

    Thanx Frank!
  7. Battery Charger

    What is a battery maintainer? Alternator/generator or 110 volt battery charger?
  8. Amazing Mods!

    I have the formula somewhere and thought that you may have used it. I will find it and post it if anyone else is interested.
  9. Amazing Mods!

    Hi Dave, How much lead in the rudder for zero buoyancy? Nice looking rudder box. Norm
  10. KEEL

    A lot of good information being shared. I dig it!
  11. KEEL

    Thanx, Mike! I have emailed you instead of beating a dead horse.
  12. KEEL

    That is the beauty of the DIY kits and plans available. Iff you have any construction and mechanical background, you can alter the original design to suit your needs in a way that doesn't compromise safety and may improve handling.
  13. KEEL

    Rock on Ray! I can use 1x4s or 1/8"x4"x?" cold rolled flat stock or any number of ways to carry the load. I am only hanging 355 lbs but will make sure it is attached in a way that won't jeapordize my safety or tear the bottom out of the boat.
  14. KEEL

    It can be made to carry the load. Thanx.
  15. KEEL

    Definately need reef points but ballast adds reaction time, stability in rough seas and at anchor, keeps the nose down and gives the boat a pivot point if the ballast is located in the right spot. Thanx for all of your alls insight and input.