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  1. question re outrigger/ arma

    hey there Frank, Thanks for the heads up on the project photo deal...... I will get some shots over the next day or two and get them posted. Fair winds to all
  2. question re outrigger/ arma

    Thanks to Gary, mate the plans and info emailed is extremely helpful.. thanks again Hewsy
  3. question re outrigger/ arma

    Hello to all, I am relativley new to boat building and am in the midle of a 16' canadian style canoe conversion to a powered outrigger setup. Whilst the work is complete on the canoe i am now looking for specs for arma (I think this is the correct term for the crossbeams tying outrigger to canoe). I have looked at the Storer outrigger and favour this type of laminated crosbeam construction. is there anyone out there who has some plans/ specs/ or tips on lamination. Thanks to all.