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  1. CS20 #35 for sale $6,000

    I am both happy and sad to report that this boat has been sold. Got my asking price. Still an active lurker and supporter of B&B boats! My sailing days are numbered in boats that require human ballast. Bad hip. Larger sailboats in my area seem problematic. Not a lot of sailing water other than rivers. I am going to be a power boater more now.
  2. CS20 #35 for sale $6,000

    OK, prime sailing season is coming up. Looking for interest in purchasing this turn key Core Sound 20. 503.702.7042 Joe
  3. CS20 #35 for sale $6,000

    I've got a bad hip and have not sailed my Core Sound 20 for two years. Surgery this coming winter. I'm hoping to get enough out of her to pay my out of pocket costs. $6,000. Located near Portland Oregon. Main and mizzen sails are from B&B in Egyptian cream with slide lugs. Also have the mizzen stays'l. Good painted trailer too. She has an extra long shaft Yamaha 4 hp 4 stroke on a bracket which is available at an additional cost. Built with marine meranti plywood, system three epoxy and paint. Blue with tan deck and interior. Not detail cleaned from winter yet, but will be before shown. Sailed in the San Jauns from Bellingham to Sucia ect for 10 days. Handles heavy wind well. Can step the mizzen to the middle slot for very high wind or main and mizzen can be reefed with 2 reef points. Standard rigging for main and main sheet for mizzen. Updated to sails with track lugs since picture was taken. No longer sleeve luff and sails have 2 reef points. Slightly more sail area and battens instead of the hollow leech.
  4. Tacking angles?

    Interesting. I usually do the opposite; head up in puffs and bear off in lulls. Your technique seems counter-intuitive to me, but at the same time I can maybe see some logic in it. I'll have to try your approach and watch my VMG. Interesting. I usually do the opposite; head up in puffs and bear off in lulls. Your technique seems counter-intuitive to me, but at the same time I can maybe see some logic in it. I'll have to try your approach and watch my VMG. If you bear off in a lull, you'll loose a lot of ground that you've made up during the good wind and playing the lifts. Object is to make the mark, not go fast.
  5. Boat Covers Out There?

    Wondering if anyone has made or had made a boat cover for storage while on the trailer? I am going to make one. Thinking of using the masts on crutches as a ridge pole to shed the water off of the boat.
  6. Tacking angles?

    When racing lightnings, we'd bear off a bit in a puff and gain speed and whe the wind died, we'd pinch up and gain more ground towards the mark. Then bear off again in anticipation of the next puff. This netted the biggest gain towards the windward mark.
  7. Amanda vs. Spindrift 12?

    Tom, I dont know. I do know that I cannot go as high as a lightning, but we make up for it in speed by sailing offwind a bit more. Hard to beat the sloop rig for pointing ability. If looking for a race boat, class boats are better, as they have standards and competition is more fair and even between boats of the same kind. Lightning class boats are fun! But much more tippy, as initial stability is much less than a CS20. I feel much more at ease in the CS than I do in a lightning. I've raced quite a bit in lightnings. After racing for a while, its nice to get into the CS and enjoy the self tending fore sail and stability while single handing.
  8. Amanda vs. Spindrift 12?

    I didnt understand your first question. I do have tracks. We were not sailing a course, so its hard to say about how high the two boats point. We were going for speed. If we had a mark to sail to, I'd have a better idea, We were just sailing together on various points of sail. Even downwind he did pretty well. But we were dry and sitting on the seats and he was hiked out on the rail. Not planning on selling my boat.
  9. Amanda vs. Spindrift 12?

    Lug rigs can be very good. Michael Storer was up for a messabout a couple years ago when he came to the USA. He sailed a local GIS, which he designed. It sailed very well to wind and he is a master! Had a tough time staying up with him in my CS20. But he was by himself and I had a passenger. Point is...the lug rig is no slouch. I would not have any concern about using one. Very simple to rig. Short mast.
  10. Got a sewing machine

    I used the term "our boats" as a hope for sewing project ideas for boats in the B&B family, not as an advertisment for canvas work. But Charlie, I'd be willing to put a new zipper in your bag. Sounds like something I could do. You've been a lot of help to me over the years and have given me good advice. Hoping to see some pics of past projects you guys have done or had done.
  11. Got a sewing machine

    And I am planning lots of projects. Outboard cover, boat cover, etc.. Any suggestions as to other good sewing projects for our boats?
  12. Still having trouble with multi piece sail track

    We're in a little bit of a pickle. The tracks are stainless. So no perfect solution. I put some of that white stuff on the rivets when I attached them to the mast/track, that's supposed to reduce the problem. No noticable issues yet after 6 years.
  13. Still having trouble with multi piece sail track

    Thanks guys. Maybe I'll try the less invasive route of drilling out my rivets in the ends of the track so I can lift them to round the corners before taking them off to have welded. I already have some clinkers inside my mast from previous rivets that have been drilled out.
  14. Still having trouble with multi piece sail track

    No, shes a land lubber most of the time on a trailer.
  15. Still having trouble with multi piece sail track

    Anyone have a picture of what properly rounded track ends look like?