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  1. Ocracoke 20 in OZ

    hehe - I can imagine the fire works when the wife gets home!! :-)
  2. Ocracoke 20 in OZ

    Progress! albeit slow. Went with a meranti bottom, stringers and transom. Test fit of the chine flats today. Onto topsides soon and switching to Joubert Okoume for this, and the remainder of the project. Have started thinking about the glassing. Pondering how many layers to put on the keel for protection/abrasion resistance, yet not cause a fairing nightmare. My regular crew never fail in scraping the bottom of boat at the ramp when I am off getting the vehicle :-)
  3. An other OC20 build !!

    That colour blue will look nice out in the sun. What paint system did you use?
  4. Ocracoke 20 in OZ

    Thanks for your advise PAR - it allowed me to continue progress today. A few of the planks were already glued down with really tight joints and some glue starvation as you mention. I opened them up with a thin hacksaw blade and refilled with epoxy. I feel better they are properly edge bonded now.
  5. Ocracoke 20 in OZ

    Guys, please can i request some help/advise! I'm well into the planking (1st layers) and i have done such a good job with scribing my plywood planks, they are butting together so tight that i am getting quite a glue starved bond between plank edges. Is this a problem? Is there an ideal gap to aim for? Or not considering the 2nd layer will overlap the joints. Thankyou
  6. An other OC20 build !!

    Looking really good Lotus! I wish I had such progress to report on. I like the tip re breaking into sections. At least if feels like you are getting somewhere when you can see the results in a particular section. I have never faired a boat before, however I have done heaps of epoxy windsurfers, and in recent times, we have been faring them by 'wet' sanding. Mostly to cut down on the terrible dust and stop sandpaper from clogging. Also seems to 'cut' a bit better. I use mini long board with sanding belt for the sandpaper. They last forever. Use the usual 'guide' coat as well to spot the highs/lows. Could this method be on a boat? At this stage of the project, I wouldn't think waterproofing should be of a concern? I.e. a light spray of water.
  7. Ocracoke 256 hull #2 Build

    Superb! I'm looking at the rib bands and speculating how you are going to finish the inner top sides. Personally, I think either covering them or leaving exposed looks good.
  8. An other OC20 build !!

    Looking good Lotus. What is your method of flipping the boat?
  9. OK256 in Vanuatu

    Looking good! What are the plans for the boat when finished? A workhorse or recreation?
  10. OK256 in Vanuatu

    I like your bumpers/trimming! Can i ask whether you used foam or timber and where you sourced the stainless?
  11. Ocracoke 256 hull #2 Build

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Re shear clamp comment, how would you do it different next time?
  12. Aussie CS 20-3#5 "Dragonfly"

    Has anyone considered adapting windsurfer masts for parts of sail boats? The older generation masts are about 50mm diameter and can be had for a song $ (especially second hand ones). If you find a 'wave' version they are designed to take a beating in heavy surf. Normally constructed out of carbon fibre and kevlar - They range in weight from 2 - 5kgs and lengths 4-5m.
  13. Ocracoke 20 in OZ

    Thanks for the comments Haha - You are wise man PAR - I'm liking your stratagem :-) Beforehand, I have been requested to reinstate the growing inventory of kitchen items now relegated to boat building duties - added the kettle and vacuum cleaner to the list as of last week.
  14. Ocracoke 20 in OZ

    Thanks to the suggestions my shear clamp turned out great - Can really see the shape in the hull now too! Very satisfying looking at this after 5 months of part time building. A little more fairing required then ready for planking.
  15. An other OC20 build !!

    Lotus, may I ask how much width the walkway around your console is? Thinking of doing a similar thing and having the console a little wider than the plans.