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  1. Lotus, may I ask how much width the walkway around your console is? Thinking of doing a similar thing and having the console a little wider than the plans.
  2. Such domestic antics! You two are hilarious
  3. Many thanks for the suggestions. Will have to give these a go. PAR, I'm well in trouble with the other half. Pressure cooker, clothing (rags), fan, measuring cups all gone missing and now the steam cleaner...
  4. Lots of cardboard templates! Looking good.
  5. I spoke to soon - cant get the nominated 3/4 inch pieces around the shear clamp (even tried steaming). Interesting how the pine creases rather than breaks when steamed. Its broken nevertheless. Not sure what thickness to try now? Dont want to steam. Any suggestions appreciated.
  6. Thanks for the glassing info. I like your extra effort to waterproof things properly.
  7. Plenty of exercise wrestling the ribs on today. Thankfully i havent broken any pieces as yet. Planning for twin outboards so went a bit unorthodox with the transom construction. Need to carry the reinforcing further across the transom than a single outboard. Everything slots through then will be cut flush. The thickness of the transom will then be layered until design thickness is met. I think this method will be work out easier than notching. The twins weigh the same as a single large outboard which is good.
  8. Looks like you are doing a thorough job of glassing. Are you planning to do underside of floors also? May i ask what type of fibreglass you are using for this project? Offcut looks like a 45/45 double bias or a triax? A log of different schools of thoughts re what to use. The choice of weave and weights seems a bit bewildering every time i check out the composites catalog.
  9. Some more progress! Most ribs are going down easily, however a couple needed some steaming. I used an old pressure cooker heated on a portable gas bbq. There is a car radiator hose outlet which feeds steam to a plastic bag tube (vacuum sealer bag roll) I based it on this method. link below. brilliant !
  10. Thank you PAR ! Thats a great starting point
  11. Does anyone mind sharing their rough guide regarding how much (quantity) of thickened epoxy is required to bond two layers of ply. E.g. 50ml per square foot? I'm getting ready to layup my transom and am trying to calculate a ballpark figure as to what quantity of epoxy I may require. Thanks
  12. very nice sir ! thanks for sharing the pics.
  13. Lowered the keel down into the bulkheads today and it all aligns perfectly! The lasts few bulkheads going up at the moment and stringers. The fish have been on which is slowing progress..
  14. Haha great idea Dave! So happy to have made some progress! Jig done Hoop pine keel done Stringers and bulkheads cut out Start assembling soon. The keel was an interesting introduction to woodworking. Despite obtaining the best timber available, it still had some minor irregularites (bow), however i was able to strategically place the parts (opposing) so that the bow cancelled each other out. It is perfectly straight. Being a surveyor i have an OCD when it comes to measurements :-)
  15. CNC ! - I envy you guys only mylar option for overseas builders Im finding motivation is the most important. Often I slip into the overalls at 8pm for a date with Goo (epoxy) and a scotch in the other hand.