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  1. Lapwing a new design.

    That's good news, thank you for the information.
  2. Lapwing a new design.

    I am very interested in this design (have CS17 plans but a little too big a boat for me right now, Spindrift 12 a little too small, CS15 under consideration). May have missed this in the previous text, but in addition to the normal side seating, will the Lapwing have a seated hiking area (as the CS15/17 do)? I much prefer sitting out on the side rather than inside on a smaller boat. Please keep the design & build status reports coming!
  3. OT - Kidney Transplant in Our Future

    May 25th is my birthday, and my birthday wish will be a successful surgery and speedy recovery for the both of you.
  4. Spindrift 11N & 12

    Thanks for the replies and pictures, very helpful. On the CS companion CD, there are some pics of a CS with forward floorboards that can also be placed at seat top level, one on each side between the seat and centerboard case. This creates one large flat area rowing thwart forward. I imagine this was to create a large berth area on the CS, but when I saw the pics I immediately saw double duty as an area for the dog while underway (yes she goes along anywhere dogs are allowed, 65lb lab/retriever mix that just LOVES the water). Based on Howard's pics, creating a forward flat area should be possible on the Spindrifts as well. The vang might get in the way, have to explore further.
  5. Spindrift 11N & 12

    Hello, Long time lurker, first time poster here. A big thanks to everyone who has contributed to this combined wealth of information. I bought plans for & had intended to start a CS17 soon, but recent circumstances may require I "downsize" to something I can store at home, and transport via the back of my pickup (my cheap and close by boat storage area is probably going away). Before ordering plans for a Spindrift, I would like to see if anyone has good pics of the interior layouts of either the 11N or 12, with sail rigging in place. Trying to get an idea if I physically fit (6'4" 240lb), and if any sheets might be placed where they can trip up my dog (and if a problem possible alternate routing). Yea my life revolves around making sure the dog is comfortable :| . Thanks! Rob.