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  1. messsabout thread.

    I had a wonderful time at the Messabout! I didn't take too many pictures--I had too much fun talking and sailing--but here's a link to the pics: http://picasaweb.google.com/martywarner2/08BBMessabout?authkey=TwjcHrT1240# Thanks to Graham and Carla for all their work. Marty BRS15
  2. I used thickened epoxy for the main sheet screws because I hope I never have to get at them again, since the keel and stainless steel rail is under it. But for the bailer and pintles, I used Life Caulk. No leaks so far. Marty
  3. Everglades Challenge

    This is Randy Smyth's wild trimaran, Frontal Lobotomy. Looks like he's just barely moving through the water, but he was leading and going about 15-16 knots!
  4. Everglades Challenge

    Oops, still learning how to post pics. Here's some more.
  5. Everglades Challenge

    Here are some shots less than an hour after the start.