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  1. Thanks for the advice ... I ordered the long shaft Jim Bandle "Pluff Mud"
  2. For a CS17, should I use a long (20 in.) or short (15 in.) shaft, my transom length is approx. 18 in. Jim Bandle "Pluff Mud"
  3. Gotya ... thanks for the help. Jim
  4. Hi Graham- I'm beginning to to get the idea. Can you expand on the meaning of "... and about forward slightly." in your last sentence? Thanks, Jim Bandle SC-17 "Pluff Mud"
  5. Does any have a picture of the arrangement of the three block cluster at the main mast? I'm using sailtracks with two reef points. What do I need to consider when placing each of the blocks? My biggest concern is just how the reef rigging is configured. Jim Bandle CS-17 "Pluff Mud" (in progress)
  6. Youall make it sound too easy! Are telltales useful? Were woud they be positioned on the sail? Jim Bandle
  7. I checked with Aircraft Spruce some time back in Dec. last year and was told that their product was not marine grade and that the glue may not be water proof. Jim Bandle
  8. I guess I'll try the water method first ... I do not have access to a band saw, would a table saw with a narrow blade do?
  9. Can any one describe a technique for forming the curved coaming called for in the SC17 planes? I
  10. Thanks guy's ... some great ideas! Jim Bandle
  11. Has anyone had any experience with a product called Top Secret a one part oil based epoxy ... the prices looks good $84 /gal. Thanks :?:
  12. Thanks guys ... I guess all I needed was some expert experience and a little encouragement. jmb