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  1. Garry, Did you have the Danny Greene nesting pram? If so, how would it compare? I certainly think the fore-aft seat design used in the Two Paws and other small boats light is a plus for balance.
  2. I currently tow a very heavy cedar planked Herreshoff Pram. It tows ok, but the bow transom does stay out of the water. What makes the Spindrift plane easier, given the waterlines are about the same? Is it the V bottom?
  3. I am looking at building a Two Paw. I have a 5x10 sheet of 4mm Okoume left from an earlier project. If I intend on sheathing the outside with fiberglass, can this boat be built with 4mm hull planks (thicker pieces would be used for bulkheads and transoms)? What would weight be? AND... how has this boat been for folks as a rowing boat and tender for yachts. I would tow the boat and only break it down for storage on deck between trips. EDENROSE