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  1. Boat upside down again ! Preparing for glassing , forming the lifting strakes and paint
  2. Great nice work !! BTW the new Suzuki df200ap is also the same motor as 150 and 175 and almost same weight I personally love the white ones with the new decal for my build
  3. Some little photo update !
  4. Cabin out of the boat , preparing to re flip the hull . Also stern bench (3x) arms cut out using waterjet machine from 6x100mm 316 stainless flat bar
  5. ATTENTION TO DETAIL . I love that !!
  6. today's work !
  7. Thanks anyway Ken Try and try until you succeed ( with lots of pins and cardboard !!!!!!! thanks to PAR )
  8. You're more than welcome !!
  9. Almost there 20170413_134350.mp4 20170413_134438.mp4
  10. That's so nice Ken x is about 18" and y 3" . I prefer a seating height of 17-18" if possible
  11. Sir, 

    I was thinking about building a Marissa and wanted to get someones input on the entire process before I jumped into it. If you have a moment I would great appreciate the opportunity to ask you a variety of questions. My email is Thank you very much.

  12. Hi lenm, walkway is 12.5 inches wide AT THAT LEVEL and that level is about 20" higher than the original sole (floor)
  13. Meester I realy appreciate your input . As you sad it must have to be build very strong to support all that weight leverage , that's why I'm not so satisfied with this geometry ! I used the system you mentioned ( or very similar ) on my other boat but I don't like the fact that I have to move 3 parts to open or close the seat ! BTW, at stern there's gonna be 3 x 2' seats instead 1 of 6' , therefore there will be a pair of " hinges " per person ( or so ) I saw (google) a very similar system used in " Whaler boats " that uses pivots instead of sliding mechanism . I think it's easier and stronger to built but the problem is to have the exact measurements of this mechanism !! Tried to figure it out but no success
  15. Is there anyone good enough in geometry out there ?? I am trying to figure out a stern folding bench that when closed down the upholstery will be facing backwards ( inside its compartment ) . I would like to have a seating height of 18" and 16" flat ( seat ) . The compartment where this closed seat will fit in is just 20" in height by 7.5" in depth . I am close to the seating height and width measurements but not yet satisfied !! The screw at the end point represents the cushion (foam) thickness