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  1. seams like the aspect ratio must be 4:3 for photos to be uploaded not sure !!
  2. Bottom all glassed . Lets start designing the deck / cabin / console ( all in one ) Any ideas will be highly appreciated Trying to upload photos but the system is telling me '' There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200 '' The photo is just 1.1MB much less than the max total size of 16MB !! Any help for this issue ??
  3. Finally some little progress !!
  4. Thanks higiff . Unfortunately not working on this project at the moment , too much busy at work ! Hope next month will find some time to continue glassing the bottom
  5. Chris. progress is very slow here ! Been glassing the inner hull and preparing some frame work for the sole . I've decided to raise it about 1.5" for better self draining . This will also compliment with the higher freeboard . Also January was very cold this year , so not the ideal temperatures to cure epoxy ! BTW that 256 is awesome !!! Very well done !!!
  6. That's so nice ! That front frame looks like it is built for its purpose , I like it Are the portside holders for the spade ?
  7. uuupss !! Sorry for the inconvenience
  8. Waww I love that console !! Just my opinion but the only thing out of place is that front frame . I think it is the 4th or 5th frame. You made all the other frames disappear because you have incorporate them in storage space , seats, and box for fuel filler lines so the one left looks more visible . I would build it wider so it looks similar to that used for the fuel lines. Sorry but this is just my opinion and I don't want to be rude in any way !! That boat looks superb and very clean !
  9. Good choice
  10. Here it is Robert. Compartments will have lids on hinges
  11. Transom ready
  12. The auxiliary motor is just for safety and peace of mind . We have no rivers or closed waters here. We use our boats in open sea, and if you're fishing 12 to 24 miles away from land and something happens to the motor, that may cost your life ! Remember that Malta is in the center of the Mediterranean . An island measuring 17 miles by 9 miles and an area of just 122 sq miles surrounded with deep blue sea . Our neighbor land is Sicily , approximately 60 miles North to Malta !
  13. Good point Hirilonde ! , and thanks Chris.
  14. Thanks Chris. Is one coat enough , and are you referring to this ( photos ) when saying 1808, because in Europe we use grams per meters instead of oz per yards, and the only biaxial cloth I found is 600 grams per square meter . Someone told me to convert oz/yard to grams/meter you have to multiply by 33.9. Therefore 10 oz cloth is equal to 339 grams cloth ?!?