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  1. texas members

    It has seems like forever since my last post but a little up date for all of our members, I have left the Democratic socialest Republic of Mexiforina, to greener pastures, and much better sailing Looking out across my front lawn I can see the upper reaches of Keller Bay, here in southern Texas, so now I guess it is really time to get started and build my Weekender. If anyone is in my area please feel free to contact me, oh the nearest large town is Port Lavaca, Islands :wink:
  2. The search for plywood

    Another of my favorite subjects Plywood, I did locate a place that imports ply for a reasonable cost :smilecolros: http://www.almquistlumber.com/plywoods.htm they had a good supply when I called but the shipping might be a bit much :roll: :grab:
  3. marine plywood sources

    Another welcome to the group, I also have been researching different plywood supplers, the very best buy I could find was in Northern califorina, A small yard there had the sizes we need starting at around $25.00 and up for the imported panels, Another source, would be Wooden Boat, they have several, ads for marine woods, and I belive there is one in your area, Good luck with your project, and please keep all of informed on how your toy is coming along Islands ( I think too much )
  4. Installing Electrical Components

    I would think that you could get by with the basics, why in the world do you need a blender :?: , Nav lights I understand, and the new LED's are so great, Along with the solar charger, I would be guessing that you plan on useing a petrol powered kicker, most of them have some kind of charging system, Another thought would be a wind gen of some kind. I am thinking of a bicycle gen we used to use years ago, :idea: Several years ago when I was Squid Fishing, off the channel Islands here on the west coast, the most important device I had was my coffee pot, other then the lights and gens to pull up the fish, For cooking I am thinking maybe a propane stove, but there again we could alway add that inverter, or better yet a gen set, the stereo, TV, Sat Dish, micro wave, dish washer, AC/Heating system, Shower, Bath tub, ect :popcorn: But back to reality, you have been given some great advice, these guys are smart, I would also always run a heaver gage wire then what is required, IE: if it calls for 20 use 18, voltage drops are a pain in the butt Islands ( I think too much )
  5. OK, a couple of opinions needed

    Jake, you have done a great job on that boat I can see that you were planing ahead for the cleats and the locations look about right, Now stay out of Boats and Harbours when you go to buy them :oops: They might be a bit large :?: it looks like some 6" ones might just fit the bill, :onfire: Islands ( I think too much )
  6. Where's the Waterline?

    One method I have seen used is to get the boat into the water with what you will consider a normal load, then mark her, it will mean having to clean the mess off later but you can get a good idea as to where it will be, :oops: :roll: :?: :!: :arrow: 8) Islands I think too much
  7. OK, a couple of opinions needed

    HInges on the front, unless you realy want to be different and place them on the side :multi: 6 cleats you can never have too many, who knows you might need to be towed some time :agrue: Leave the eye bolt it might come in handy later :snipersmile: Islands ( I think too Much )
  8. America's Cup [This is a bit much]

    We have some info finaly, I have to thank our dilgent member for the info, seems since there is no US team in the running this time around, we are cut off from the race even OLN tv stoped airing the race :agrue: Islands ( I think too much )
  9. Maybe Today? America's Cup

    Just a thought on and when the Swiss win, I think they should use a weekender for the offical race boat, it would be less expencive, have to be built by the skipper, and that way we all could compete Islands ( I think too much)
  10. Weekender Transom Angles

    :?: Joel as I remember from the tape they did cut it square across the bottom, I need to look at my Vacationer plans and see if there is a differance..... :roll: looking at the Vacationer plan compaired to the weekend, in the installed point one is tapered, the other is not, I am going to guess that they did taper both though :shock: :shock: :shock: :arrow: John I think too much :idea:
  11. Sides on this week ...

    Weny looking at Steves photos and found the tool everyone was alking about :?: hope this helps :roll: :oops: 8) :shock: [attachment over 4 years old deleted by admin]
  12. It's a Blow Out [Super Bowl]

    What game??? are you talking about hockey ??? :roll: John
  13. best wood for keel

    Have to thank everyone for their input, Guess that goes with out saying I was not trying to think it to death LOL, but wondering what would get me the most for my buck, and an excuse to get some new toys, You all know how wives and girl friends can be :oops: . My girl friend did buy me a very nice Porter Cable saw for christmas, and is ready to go sailing, and with this 80+ degree weather we have had for the last few days she keeps looking at the Vidios and reading boat plans ( think she wants this more then me) I have been reading this Fourm and the one on MSN for as long as I can remember, and guesed it was time to join 8) John
  14. best wood for keel

    :roll: OK here i am trying to deside what wood to use for the keel, and have run into a quandry, the plans say pine, fir, or other wood, I love fir but clear fir is like gold along with clear pine. So I thought why not use 2x? and surface it down with a planer, {too much of the New Yankee Workshop}, but then I relised that most 2x? is green wood and would need to air dry, so again I thinks what about reclaimed wood, it is older and more stable, (just make sure you get all of the old nails, screws, ect out of it). Another thought I had was what about voids useing the S4S that is on the shelf, OK back to the planer and a smooth surface, so what way do I go I love collecting toys (tools) John