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  1. Oh, man, Chick. You are just my type of guy. This is funny.:) I just CANNOT wait to meet youse guys in person. Stupid enormously wide country. I wish we lived in a long skinny one, sometimes. Of course, my luck is I'd live South and y'all would live North. One day, we'll get the campfire on, and let the bad jokes fly! Me and Don will accompany on uke and banjo. Peace, Robert
  2. If you feel like splurging, spring for the Porch and Floor paint. It's generally a bit more durable than wall paint (just my experience). It's what's on my shiny orange boat... Post pictures of the painted boat, eh. Peace, Robert
  3. Thanks, Don. Gosh, this has been a project beset by "life".:) For example, it's pouring rain. Again. Which is fine, really, unless,you want to paint your boat. I'm ready for the next few coats, but not the weather. Ah well. That's not even counting the real events that have prevented me from having as much time on the boat as I'd like. I need to retire. It is getting warm, despite the rain, so I can glass some, anyway. I'm getting close, but no way are we making the mess. Dang it! I've been working hard on my uke, too, so we could campfire. I will make a much more concerted effort next year to get over there. I'm scared I might like it so well I want to stay, though. Well, I'll go out and sail my canoe that weekend, at least. Simpatico sailing. Peace, Robert
  4. Hehe. I wanted yellow, but SHE picked this orange. I am pretty excited to be halfway done with the outside. I'm going to put some 4 oz glass on the cabin sides and coamings while the hull paint dries. I will stick them down with some plastic sheet cum peel ply on them so I won't have to sand and fair like mad. The little fiddly narrow bits aft on the coaming might be a bit tricky.:) I really am going to put on 4 more thin coats of paint before I flip her. The drying time is the limiting factor, now. Two weeks, maybe three until I can flip her. I'll finish the spars, foils (almost ready to glass), oars, and pump while I wait for the paint. Getting closer... Whee! Peace, Robert
  5. Orange ya glad I didn't say I'm still fairing? Two down, probably four to go. Lotta red in this orange. Peace, Robert
  6. I would use a single edged razor blade as a scraper and scrape the drips off, then lightly scuff sand everything before the second coat. Peace, Robert
  7. Oh, I meant that black/white crosshatch picture. The picture you described making would add a TON of information. Peace, Robert
  8. Dude, that would be a KILLER addition to your tips and tricks page. This is just such a tedious process. Nothing at all hard. I really, really think I'm done. I mean, it ain't glass (ha), but I'm farting around with dime and quarter sized micro dimples and some little, tiny waves. The house sides I am sheathing in 4 Oz glass, and I'm going to stick down those sections with plastic over them, so there won't be any darn filling and fairing. Hehe. Oh, yeah. I just learned that plastic sheet is like peel ply, but better, I think. Live and learn... Peace, Robert
  9. The pouncing and rattle can are what I know. I usually use the remnants of rattle cans, and I soak the cans in warm water before I use them, or set them in the sun for a few to heat up the innards and help atomize the paint better. I also use different tips to provide a "foggier" spray pattern. Putting pigment in alcohol is new to me, though. Cool trick. Another trick, one I was using last night, is very oblique light. In a dim room, a directional light (a little flashlight is good) held just off the surface and roughly parallel to it, will highlight the tiniest imperfections, even on a monchromatic surface, and especially a matte one like primer. Peace, Robert
  10. Oyster, Kilz? What are you, a savage? It's Bulls-Eye, man. Really, though, it is Bulls-Eye. And, thanks for the advice and encouragement. Your food coloring in alcohol gig just got stolen and added to my bag of tricks. Awesome trick. May use it on that car body.;) As to the topcoat. Poach and flow, as is my wont. I've been using porch and floor on my boats since I read about Pete Culler using house paints. Yep, even THAT dude used house paint. Peace, Robert
  11. The plan all along! Haha. Seriously, if the model wasn't proven, I'd be more skeptical, but it's a cheap boat to build (you really don't want to know. It's ridiculous) and I don't have to worry about babying it or loaning it out. It's all so crude, and rough and ready, really, but it should still look nice. Ish. The real hilarious job will be the Sneakeasy rebuild. I aim to have the finest Bolger box afloat, too. Well, my wife will have. It's HER boat. I just get to do all the work. Peace, Robert
  12. PAR, Yeah, Brother, that's pretty much what I've been doing. Don, he means spraying, VERY LIGHTLY, a contrasting color over the area in question. The pattern of contrasting dots really exaggerates any unfairness. Here is a non boat object given the same treatment. Peace, Robert
  13. I don't know. Some area of the chine, trying to show the fairing in of the tape. Hard to photograph. Also showing the circled blemishes. The other is just a head on shot. She needs one more overall sand and another coat of primer. Those minor blemishes I will hit with some glazing before I sand, but she's smooth enough, I guess. Hehe. I ain't got a picture of the new foils, yet, but I'm ready to glass them. I'll get some shots up, yet.
  14. Haha. Life. Just curious is all. Gosh, it'll be a long while before I even consider starting another boat.:) Finishing a kayak I'm going to give away (just paint), finishing my dumb boat off, then the Core Sound I bought needs finishing, and then the wife's Sneakeasy we got needs rehabbed. Whew. Now I'm tired. I need to go lay down.:) Peace, Robert
  15. How many sheets go into the little bugger, Chick? Peace, Robert