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  1. Why are you guys drawing circles on your boats? What? Ohhh...:) Hehe. Just kidding! Peace, Robert
  2. Well, I missed everyone and everything. Grrr. I got in Saturday morning, and pitched my tent and went right to sleep. I did say "hi" to Graham though. Just hi, too. I was fresh in from a 27 hour nonstop drive, and just pitched my tent and fell asleep. He was gone when I woke up. That handsome, bearded fellow in the Homer Simpson shirt was me, eh.:) Carlita is nicer looking from ten feet away than on the web. Nobody was exaggerating the wind at all, either, gang. It blows down here. We didn't sail, though. Peace, Robert
  3. Chick, Sorry for the hijack, but here's a goofy little car top boat I built this week. Well, okay. It took 8 days. That thwart is moveable and removable. No stretchers yet, they will be installed to suit. Now, its rough as mud, and painted with porch and floor, except the rails. They have polyurethane! Eek! Anywho. Just wanted you all to know it ain't ALL guesswork on my part. Oh, you might can see the holes in the rails for the thole pins. She uses the same oars as the Frolic. Which is living up to the "twice as long" adage nicely, thank you. Peace, Robert Oh. I just can't paddle anymore, but I HAVE to get on the water, so I built a rowboat. What?
  4. Chick, Do you do foam planes? My buddy's all into them. Peace, Robert
  5. Speaking of old jokes, I heard some mangy old cat may be prowling Magnolia Beach next Friday. Mostly to bs and help. This whole year is a scratch. I'm pretending it didn't happen at all. Anyway. Hope you all have a great sail, and I hope you find that dang old cat. Peace, Robert
  6. Don, The top part is orange. Seriously, I always pour over the picture rather than the writing. Here is a stock photo from the web. Paint stores, hardware stores, and big box joints too, I think. I got mine at the hardware store because they know me, and they know the products. Big box scare me. No likey. Still. For jobs I often buy mistinted paints, and big box sometimes have good deals. Houses are different, though. I'll paint anything on the side of a house. I am a LITTLE choosy about boat paint. Peace, Robert P.S. Just noticed the can says satin. I used gloss.
  7. Well. I said my piece, and gave advice and information because I was asked. I never recommended anybody do anything I do. And I certainly don't criticize other people for their choices, nor insult their work. I come here only to cheer on others, learn, and add info to the pot. I am done dispensing advice. I have had to defend my self and my methods here and on my own thread in the main forum. I'll just stick to my own boats my own way, and leave you all to yours. Peace, Robert
  8. Here's that paint. It's set up for a while and seems plenty hard. It isn't as shiny, because it's dusty now. Still. I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything, just hoping to share my experience, even if I am dumb enough to just slap whatever on my boats. Peace, Robert
  9. Chick, We have pretty stringent environmental regulations out here, so we may have a wider range of water clean up type paints than other places, but the stuff I got is a valspar porch and floor "enamel" that is "polyurethane fortified" and water clean up. It seems to be harder than the typical water clean up paints I'm used to. Either way, for small boats like this, I prefer the ease of repair to ultimate durability. Your canoe looks AWESOME! Peace, Robert
  10. This paint is ten years old. The scratches are from granite rocks. They are fresh, and due to be touched up... Peace, Robert
  11. You know it's going to be REALLY hard to make a coaming look better, right? You are too close, because you can only see every change you'd make. It's nice work, Brother. You, know, the skin will wear out if you use it too much, so, by the time you replace this skin, you'll have made enough other boats that you'll be experienced, and the coaming will be "better" than this one. And you'll still only see every change you'd make. Peace, Robert
  12. Sorry, bud. Not at all trying to be vague. I really have no preference. I don't do big box, but I do hardware store and paint store. The last few batches of paint I've gotten were from the hardware store, and they were Valspar. I've used Glidden, SW, Pittsburgh... With a little floetrol, the Valspar flowed nicely. There is no need to prime with these modern paints, I don't think, for any reason other than color saturation. Easier to get a better color quicker with a tinted undercoat. Also primer allows you to fill and fair a bit more before the final coat. I primed my Frolic mostly for the ability to continue to fair without wasting topcoat. Some crazy people on this board have suggested Killz primer, but I am not that savage. I use Bullseye. Really. Water clean up paints need more cure time to really "harden" but they hold tenaciously when cured, in my experience. Shoot, I had some stick to silicone(!) on the blue pirogue for almost two years. For a little boat what will get dinged regular, I feel easier to repair and retouch paint is better. Water clean up clears are all inferior, in my experience. Peace, Robert P.S. I always paint with a brush. Can't stand rollers, and hope to never have to spray anything again. Or chase after the spray with a roller or brush... I have about 10 brushes, and rotate regularly. I think brushes need to be kept clean and fluid, or they mar the finish by adding slightly cured paint to the mix. I paint from a small pot, and change brushes with every pot.
  13. Chick, I've used several brands over the years. I don't notice a real difference. I've never had any problem getting water clean up paint to stick to cured epoxy. Regular primer, then paint. Peace, Robert
  14. Chick, Several manufacturers now make water clean up polyurethane fortified porch and floor enamels, whatever that means. It means the gloss is really hard, for one thing, and I kind of suspect the snazzy polyurethane technology is spreading into other places. I hope. The stuff I have is more than a year old, and seems to be wearing better than the old fashioned porch and floor. I've been water clean up for more than a dozen years on everything I use. Your canoe looks awesome. Don't forget to build to plan and fill her on the inside to the waterline! Peace, Robert
  15. I've never used anything but porch and floor on my boats. Well, for the painted bits. I've never had one problem. When there has been damage, it has been easy as pie to repair. Porch and floor is formulated to walk on. It ain't interior wall paint. Would I use it on a moored boat? No. A drysailed camp cruiser? Yes. In a very obnoxious orange, too. A little pirogue or canoe? Sure. Yellow, with green trim... Peace, Robert