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  1. Stevenson Vacationer Plans Updated?

    Acctually there was an issue with lofting the deck's, i cant look for it now as I am at work but i do have a revised pic of the deck lofting on my website brisboatyard.com I will see if i can get it on here for ya later today. Brian. ok let me see if i can post this here. there that is the deck fix . I changed quite a few things on my build though.
  2. messabout on Lake Hartwell

    I just want to chime in on this, Like Keith said, this should prove to be a great weekend at Hartwell. If you are in the area, come on down it is a great way to spent the day, night, or weekend and if you have your own boat bring it on down and strut your stuff we would be glad to have you in our armada ;D There will be plenty to do and allot of activities for the kids so please come on down. I hope to see you there. Brian.
  3. A diversion while plotting to build boats;<}}[OT]

    A boat show in beaufort? dagumit! I would have gone to see that it's not to far from here, and it would have been a great diversion. it looks like Y'all had fun. then again I wouldent have begun getting my roof on my vacationer though. Thanks for the pictures Oyster. Brian.
  4. Photos of my latest project

    Thank you for the insperation Jim, I find Boat builders in general, well in these waters are all some of the nicest folks on the planet. allways giving good advise. I even have begun giving some of what I have learned from all Y'all Here and BYYB combined so I am glad that I can keep it going a little bit as well. Brian.
  5. Photos of my latest project

    Wow Jim that boat is fantastic. I really like what you did with the interior, it looks like a stable boat for sure. If I ever decide to build another larger boat the Kingston is definetly a possability. thanks for the pic's do you have a link to more? I'm sorry,I'm just a boat junkie and you do some fantastic work. I will be able to Sail with your Vacationer this summer, and it bieng one of the boats that inspired me to build my own vacationer, it will be a treat that I look forward to. You know even before I got my plans, I had a printed copy of the three photos of rudunyet from the Stevensons website that you had posted. I had them at work and at home for all to see what I was contemplating (and for insperation). Then along came Sarahlee, Iydler, and Whippoorwill, and that was more than I could take and now I am almost done with Therapy (my vacationer) Thanks. Brian.
  6. Got Gas and need solution!!

    Just a quick note, gas or any petroleum product poured on asphalt will damage the asphalt it eats it up for some reason. I used to build roads in Fla. and had this happen numorus times. so dont pour it on your driveway if it is asphalt. Just my two cents. Brian.
  7. I definitely agree with Ken, build the boat that is right for you. I too started out building wooden boat and ship models, I was looking for some ideas on scratch built models when I found stevensons website found the vacationer and then began the dreaming, so I bought the plans and I am in the middle of my build now. Sailing experience I have but before I began this project I had never even held a skill saw before, never cut wood except to burn in the fireplace. Folks around here and on the byyb and the B&B sites are really great folks and all are willing to share there knowledge and will help to guide you, And anything you run into has probubly been done before. so pick what is right for you and it will all be good. Good luck with whatever boat you choose. Brian.
  8. Sample wood..Teak?

    Same here in S.C.
  9. Sample wood..Teak?

    It could also be Sapele, which looks alot like Mahogany same reddish sawdust. I got ahold of some thinking it to be mahogany and it is a very suitable wood for boat building as it has the same properties as mahogany.(I have no idea what I am talking about that is how it was explained to me). Brian.
  10. vacationer cabin

    I am going to go with this Butane stove, it is really nice and it fits anywhere and uses cans of butane about the size of a rightguard can. I have seen it at my local Ace hardware store for about $29.00, but I got mine online for like 14 dollars not to bad I may get a propane Magma grill to hang off the rear of the boat as well. Brian.
  11. vacationer cabin

    Hey Mike how are you, you know, I was thinking of raising my gunwhales as well, another thing I was thinking od doing and May help Buck is Gaffing My boom so that it can be adjusted to whatever heigt I need it to be. thanks Mike. Brian.
  12. vacationer cabin

    Ahhh Buck! Your the one with the idea, I have a copy of Your photo and could not remember where I got it. I really like Your swing down keel idea and I think I am going to try a version of that on My Boat, leave it up, on the lake or calmer waters but be able to relese it when needed is a good option. as far as the cabin extention I think it's wahatever Floats Your boat I like the look of the design ,I think you may have to Raise the gooseneck kinda high, I dunno though I have been wrong before Acctually I have no idea what I am doing building this boat its kinda a learn as ya go thing. just my two cents. Thank you for sharing Your ideas I appreciate it. Brian.
  13. vacationer cabin

    Well the Hull of the weekender is supposed to be designed from the dory from Nova Scotia so she should be right at home. It must have been a blast out there though, it can get scarey out there. Brian.
  14. Quick, simple question

    Thank You Greg I appreciate it. Brian.
  15. Quick, simple question

    All great ideas, And will be incorporated in my boat, Thank all Y'all, I dont mean to Hijack the thread, But Greg I like the screw in access covers I would like to use a square one on my cockpit rear wall but have not found one as of yet. Do You have any idea where to find one? (I haven't really looked to hard yet either) Again Thank all Y'all. Brian