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  1. sailing report

    Well its been some time since I have posted anything! So here goes. Date :5/31/2005 Place :Hover Damn in Westerville,Ohio worked on the Diane G. for the last 2 mos. getting the trailer reworked,bearings packed,installing a Keel box on the trailer for better loading and unloading, built some belay pins for the sheets. rerigged the boat for single handing. on 5/31/05 I took her to the lake alone. wind was light, skies were blue and the ranger was there! an hour after I was done with the rangers boat inspection about 10:30 am I was on the water! raised the main the wind picked up just a little and she healed over and took off! sails full wind blowing just enough to make you keep your eye on what you are doing. only one other sail in the water. It was just a great,,,great ,,,great day! Its the frist time that I ever took her out alone. And it wont be the last! This is just my second season out with her and last year was cut short because of work. I plan on spending alot more time on the boat this year! You know ..... you turn off the motor.. raise the sails and just sit back and enjoy the wind in your ears. god what a great feeling! good luck to all this season! see you on the water! will be sending updates this year! thanks to all that have helped me get in the water and during the build out. and for all who wonder if its worth it???? IT IS!!!!!!!!!! signing off for now ! but not for long! CaptJack
  2. Help

    welcome aboard! these guys are a great bunch! they can answer any question! about boat building and anything else that you might need answers to.
  3. OT building stuff...

    looks great and congrats on the new (not yet here) grandson!
  4. winter is here in ohio

    Barry, thanks for letting me think about being out on the water. what a great looking boat! would love to be out on that today!
  5. winter is here in ohio

    well... winter is here in Ohio! the Diane G. is under cover for the winter and setting in the drive just waiting for spring. While I am writing this I am thinking of the last couple of months that I was able to sail. the sunsets were some of the best I have ever seen. the Diane G. sails better than I have ever hoped. I cant thank the people on this forum enough for all their support and putting up with the dumb questions that I had to ask to get this done. Frank... hats off to you for running this forum!! Its a great thing that someone takes the time to help us the way that you have by setting this up and running it. For all you others out there. please don't stop building!!! belive it or not it will someday be a boat! and what a boat she is! When you are cutting across the water and nothing but the wind is all you hear and the sun is setting over the bow...... WHAT A WAY TO END THE DAY!!! Just pass me a cold one and I will set anchor and wait for the next days wind. thanks again for all the help! I will be checking in more now that the boat is out of the water. hope I can help some of the newcomers myself and maybe begin to pay back all the help that I was given. Happy Holidays to all!!! 8)
  6. new pic's

    I posted some pic's of the launch on the other web site. for some reason I can't post pic's here when I am posting a mail? how are you all doing this? The message says that my pic's are to big? must be 800 x 600?
  7. First time outside

    she looks so very fine!
  8. Hoys-ta-Sale complted

    she looks great!!! congrats!!! what a great day for you !
  9. the launch of the Diane G!

    thanks to all ...... all the kind words.... with out the support of so many .. I would have still been looking at a pile of wood in the shop!! and so many to Frank for keeping this site open!
  10. the launch of the Diane G!

    let me see..... Friday night cant sleep.....go check the boat at 2 am.....yes all is well.... Saturday morning....get to boat ramp and oh no!!! about 2/3 's of my staff have showed up for this! My son and I get the mast set and the rigging complete and ready. I look around one more time.... nice wind coming off the lake.. I guess its time.... my wife.. ( the orig. Diane G.) steps up to the bow... bottle in hand " chresten this boat the Diane G." !!! The cork flys from the bottle and over the bow... champane flows over her bow.... she is now and forever the Diane G. ! Wife takes big drink from the bottle .... straight up the nose it goes!......... All have a good laugh over this as she turns to spit all over herself and the parking lot! now the moment we all have been waiting for! we back down the ramp.. the back of the boat starts to float..... now the boat is off the trailer and in the lake.... SHE FLOATS!!!!!!!!!! on her frist trip out was myself , Austin ( my grandson) , Matthew,Michael my other sons. she sails great! need to work on getting the wind in the sails better... and the wind was not working to well at times. change and stop...stop change. was a little hard to get the direction down at times. however ...... all who wanted to ride did..... we kept her on the go until about 2 pm... Michael and I had lunch on the water in the middle of the lake. Wind died! Michael said now what? Me being the captain that I am I said LUNCH!!! 8) sailed around alittle more . Big Black Cloud came and started to rain ... we motor back put her on the trailer and came home.... What a great day....
  11. the launch

    here is the web is on the lake http://www.alumcreeksailing.com/ACSAFrame.asp?DBpagename=index
  12. First full day back at work

    welcome back! glad to hear you survied the trip! hope for you that now you are in a better place for the sail making!
  13. the launch

    the launch is in the morning. with all the people that have said they are going to be there...I think I should have built a bigger boat! the motor is set and all rigging has been tested all this week. I must admit that the wait is about to do me in. Running around all week getting the title and reg. for the boat has kept me moving. I went out into the boat house last night and it seemed so empty. no saws going....no sanders starting ...... My oldest son is bring a video cam to the launch..god I hope I do this right! :? else wise look for me on AFV!!!! Hope she floats..... upright!!!! 8) Will keep you all posted! The launch will be at Alum Creek State Park in Delaware,Ohio at 8 a.m. to anyone who wants to show up!
  14. Launch this saturday

    Well we launch this saturday! still cant post a pic on this website but I have posted the boat with the sails all up on Franks other site!
  15. finished!!!!!

    Berry, thanks for the comments! the mast wasnt set all the way. the wind was alittle high yesterday and I didnt want to sail it down the driveway! the mast should be at the 94 degrees when it is set all the way up. I checked this angle no less that 100 times when building it!