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  1. I think it is the Navigator, knowledgeable sailor and the boat did fine. Shallow draft and the ability to reduce sail area it the prime directive on this event. The evening campsites were quite shallow. About 20 boats went the "hard way" with several days beating windward, 40 or so went "traditional " and it was a great broad reach.
  2. Sun cover was the order of the day! Nice an warm there!
  3. Compass was delivered today! Very nice piece! Thanks for the heads up Don, will install it on my NEW mizzen thwart.
  4. We are stealing Chick's idea and are cutting out thwart out this week to install a tabernacle. If you ever pull the mizzenmast when afloat a tabernacle makes much sense. (Also gives a permanent mounting place in the cockpit for "stuff")
  5. Know what you mean! Our boat has been sailing for two years, and we are still finishing it!
  6. Amos, that looks great! You are getting down to the 20% left to do mark! (Took me several months to do the last 16%, still got 4% to go to call it completed. Just got back from the Texas 200 with our boat, good fun! Southern Express loves those winds. We stayed on plane for about 10 minutes continuously! A first! We have a video of the event and will post it on a separate post later.
  7. Thanks for the heads up Don, just loaded up after completing the Texas 200, a better compass is on the list! ordered! Thanks!
  8. This wind is making my hair a wreck!! Southern Express is rigged and sniffing the winds!
  9. It will be fun when we get there! Feels like we are on a treadmill! Texas is a big place!
  10. Graham and Alan have just posted a new YouTube video on the newest version of their wind vane selfsteering wind vane. Very nice!
  11. Well, ours is known as "Susie". And after a auspicious (lack of) start, she has settled down and is doing a great job. Easy to start and reasonably smooth!
  12. Amos, that looks fantastic! That white will really help fine things when they get down in the aft cabin! See you have a weightlifter background! I used a bunch of dive weights and gallon jugs of water! Never enough clamps or weights! Think you you will make the Great B&B Messabout with your boat?
  13. Sherwin Williams has a paint called "Tile Clad" it is hard as heck, a pigmented epoxy, not UV sensitive. I bought a 2 gallon kit and it goes a loooong way! Shiny too
  14. I use foam pipe insulation and bungee cords and secure the sprits parallel to the mast. The main mast is on a tabernacle and use a crutch in the mizzenmast step tube. The mizzenmast lays parallel to the main mast on the aft crutch and a little hook on the main tabernacle. I leave the snotter attached to the sprit. The rudder is in the cockpit on eyebolts through the mast crutch. Knock on wood no damage yet! Our CS20.3 has a streak of gypsy and wanders quite a bit, we can generally rig in 10 minutes and be underway.
  15. Hi Steve, looking good! I used knees and beams......Chick can relate why. I installed the knees then used a batten to capture the arc of the cabin top, then transferred it to pattern paper. I cut the beams out of some locally grown white oak and attached them to the knees. When I installed the cabin top it made a nice fair arc. I butt joined the pieces on the centerline with another piece of oak. So far no problems and I am a "larger" guy.