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  1. Aussie CS 20-3#5 "Dragonfly"

    Looking great! Love the blue color! Tell us about your transom, maybe a blocked angle but it looks like a bevel between the transom and bottom panels.
  2. Aussie CS 20-3#5 "Dragonfly"

    Hi Steve, my ports are simply routed "holes" and by changing the pilot on the router cut plexi and attached with 3M VHB. Only boat I have ever been aboard the ports don't leak! Now selecting the shape.... took months to tweet till we were satisfied with the shape. Taped paper shapes on the strake till we were both happy with the shapes. BTW you are nearing the 1/2 way point!! Looks great. Looking forward to seeing it. Going to make the annual B&B Messabout? Big fun!
  3. Mast-stepping aid . .

    I made my mizzenmast tabernacle 52 inches tall, helps getting in the cabin with the masts down and just clears the carport! The mizzen top tip is just slightly forward of the anchor roller, not enough to be a problem. I set mine at 2 degrees from the centerline so it will clear the main mast tabernacle and simply matched the mast rake of the main mast. The mizzen mast is a handful to stab and this was a good mod! Graham provided a drawing so I am comfortable that it will stay where is should be! Not at home for the next few weeks so no pictures, motorcycle trip to Alaska....
  4. Red Hot Compass Deal

    Bracket mount, I have built a small ply box that sits on the thwart against the mizzen tabernacle. Painting today, pics on Southern Express 's build thread when presentable. I plan to compensate for the variation by rotating the compass in it's mount and deviation will be ok, it is just a little plywood boat, very little ferrous material around anyway!
  5. Summer Breeze - Core Sound 17, Mk-3

    I have seen Summer Breeze, I agree with all, it is a beautiful boat! Now if we could find a way to direct Chick's boat building talents and obsessions......
  6. Core Sound 20 Mark 3 Build - Chesapeake, VA

    Amos, if it means anything, I did tape the entire cockpit coaming. It is a area you bounce around in, sees a lot of activity so I taped all the joints, unfortunately in certain light you can see the selvage edges...... grrrrrr
  7. Texas 200

    I think it is the Navigator, knowledgeable sailor and the boat did fine. Shallow draft and the ability to reduce sail area it the prime directive on this event. The evening campsites were quite shallow. About 20 boats went the "hard way" with several days beating windward, 40 or so went "traditional " and it was a great broad reach.
  8. Texas 200

    Sun cover was the order of the day! Nice an warm there!
  9. Red Hot Compass Deal

    Compass was delivered today! Very nice piece! Thanks for the heads up Don, will install it on my NEW mizzen thwart.
  10. Mast-stepping aid . .

    We are stealing Chick's idea and are cutting out thwart out this week to install a tabernacle. If you ever pull the mizzenmast when afloat a tabernacle makes much sense. (Also gives a permanent mounting place in the cockpit for "stuff")
  11. Core Sound 20 Mark 3 Build - Chesapeake, VA

    Know what you mean! Our boat has been sailing for two years, and we are still finishing it!
  12. Core Sound 20 Mark 3 Build - Chesapeake, VA

    Amos, that looks great! You are getting down to the 20% left to do mark! (Took me several months to do the last 16%, still got 4% to go to call it completed. Just got back from the Texas 200 with our boat, good fun! Southern Express loves those winds. We stayed on plane for about 10 minutes continuously! A first! We have a video of the event and will post it on a separate post later.
  13. Red Hot Compass Deal

    Thanks for the heads up Don, just loaded up after completing the Texas 200, a better compass is on the list! ordered! Thanks!
  14. Texas 200

    This wind is making my hair a wreck!! Southern Express is rigged and sniffing the winds!
  15. Texas 200

    It will be fun when we get there! Feels like we are on a treadmill! Texas is a big place!