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  1. Getting close!! Pete, this is how we have been carrying our rudder on our boat. You have the vertical support tube, I figured may as well have it do double duty!
  2. Looking good Steve, the cockpit lids were a big milestone for us.
  3. Our only problems on our boat, a CS20.3 has been at the boat ramp! I can be a handful to get on the trailer in a crosswind and a bit of chop. Undersail, a "breeze"!
  4. Looks good Pete! Like the anchor roller. I have found raising the main mast a non-event. Once it goes up I lightly lean on it while I reach through the forward hatch and thread the " one legged" wing nut on. Easy! The mizzen now..... might r&d Chick's mizzen tabernacle at SAM. I have removed it several times in the water but if there is any movement it might be a "problem ".
  5. Well, in full confession, I may have overfilled the motor on the hydrolock event I described early in this thread. Doesn't seem to use oil at all, now I keep the level slightly below the center of the window. We just returned from a trip that the engine layed in it's cradle ( tiller down) for a long trip, no hydrolock problems noted. Seems to run fine, may it continue for a long while! Been good sailing on the southcoast lately! Y'all come on down!
  6. Hi Don an Chick, we will arrive at the park Thursday afternoon and get set up. We will be at loop 1 site 5. Seaya then Jay
  7. On our "other " boat we have padeyes in the usual locations, and when we are alone on deck we wear harnesses. Very likely adopt that policy on our CS20.3 when alone and on self-steering. I won $50 from my younger brother when he said he could get aboard my anchored Columbia 29 many years ago. Aint happening! Even difficult with a "rope ladder", and now father time is catching us, best stay aboard!
  8. Ya know, I was thinking of Alan an Taylor's boat. Looking forward to seeing the clever touches they will likely incorporate! Any updates Alan? Southern Express has 2 masts again! Thanks for the help! Jay
  9. Looks like Graham's windex is his primary navigation instrument! Looking the wind field doesn't look like it is giving him a lot of help.
  10. Hi all, just looked at my copy of Small Craft Advisor #103, there is a good article from Graham on the shape/design of the stern.
  11. Amos, that looks awesome!! Mine was cut at the Mothership, so I didn't get to have that fun. Looks great!
  12. Hi Amo, we did pour our center board tip at B&B. We made a simple plywood box and partially filled it with the green sand (google recipe, but Graham had a box of it). Cut the tip of the center board from the blank and placed it vertically in the box. We then filled the box with the green sand and tamped it down with a hammer to get rid of most air inclusions. Then slowly pull the board tip from the sand, pour molten lead in the mold. It was a sandy surface but a old block plane smoothed it out with very little work. Hope the mold picture helps, best part, the sand is reusable.
  13. Looks good! Thanks for the efforts!
  14. Ya don't never so dumb till your wife asks why ya did that! Drillin rivets today. Them puppies are tough!
  15. I have emailed the experts. Alan suggested replacing the lower section so, I am going to replace the lower section of mast. I am amazed by the strength of the mast and I would never be at ease with anything else. Drilling rivets tomorrow! Sure messes up the weekend! This is sailing season on the South Coast! Summer here is calm ( except for the thunderstorms) and ridiculously hot! We had planned a 3 day mini cruise. My butt is sore from kicking it!! Oh well, a bug splat on the windshield of life.....