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  1. I use foam pipe insulation and bungee cords and secure the sprits parallel to the mast. The main mast is on a tabernacle and use a crutch in the mizzenmast step tube. The mizzenmast lays parallel to the main mast on the aft crutch and a little hook on the main tabernacle. I leave the snotter attached to the sprit. The rudder is in the cockpit on eyebolts through the mast crutch. Knock on wood no damage yet! Our CS20.3 has a streak of gypsy and wanders quite a bit, we can generally rig in 10 minutes and be underway.
  2. Hi Steve, looking good! I used knees and beams......Chick can relate why. I installed the knees then used a batten to capture the arc of the cabin top, then transferred it to pattern paper. I cut the beams out of some locally grown white oak and attached them to the knees. When I installed the cabin top it made a nice fair arc. I butt joined the pieces on the centerline with another piece of oak. So far no problems and I am a "larger" guy.
  3. Graham, my TwoPaws has a ex- wind surfer mast, seems to work fine, the little pram moves so easily I could have used a bamboo pole!
  4. Hi Drew, noticed your portlights will be non opening. I made ours non opening and installed 1/4 plexiglass with 3M VHB double faced tape. No screw holes, no plexi cracks, nearly 2 years this installation is yet to leak a drop. Gotta say this is a first boat I have owned the cabin stays dry!
  5. Congratulations! Looking really good. All the work is worth it! We really enjoy our boat! We are going to install a mizzenmast tabernacle. Only a matter of time before I whang the mizzenmast on something. We need to repaint our cockpit because of all the hardware repositioning anyway so I will prefab a mizzen tabernacle and change it when the heat of summer arrives.
  6. Darn sure did!
  7. Thanks Steve, see you there next year?
  8. Big success!! Thanks Don an Chick, I think everyone had a great time!! what's up with the RED mud!
  9. Don't that jist make a feller's mouth water We had a fabulous time at SAM!!
  10. Getting close!! Pete, this is how we have been carrying our rudder on our boat. You have the vertical support tube, I figured may as well have it do double duty!
  11. Looking good Steve, the cockpit lids were a big milestone for us.
  12. Our only problems on our boat, a CS20.3 has been at the boat ramp! I can be a handful to get on the trailer in a crosswind and a bit of chop. Undersail, a "breeze"!
  13. Looks good Pete! Like the anchor roller. I have found raising the main mast a non-event. Once it goes up I lightly lean on it while I reach through the forward hatch and thread the " one legged" wing nut on. Easy! The mizzen now..... might r&d Chick's mizzen tabernacle at SAM. I have removed it several times in the water but if there is any movement it might be a "problem ".
  14. Well, in full confession, I may have overfilled the motor on the hydrolock event I described early in this thread. Doesn't seem to use oil at all, now I keep the level slightly below the center of the window. We just returned from a trip that the engine layed in it's cradle ( tiller down) for a long trip, no hydrolock problems noted. Seems to run fine, may it continue for a long while! Been good sailing on the southcoast lately! Y'all come on down!
  15. Hi Don an Chick, we will arrive at the park Thursday afternoon and get set up. We will be at loop 1 site 5. Seaya then Jay