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  1. Glad to hear it, Jay. Hope it works out. I'm thrilled with the quality/feel of mine. We'll see how it performs. Did you get the bracket or bulkhead version?
  2. Right you are, Drew. Actually, I'll have iSailor on my phone, plus my ancient B&W Garmin Map76. The compasses are back-up and/or nostalgic.
  3. Bring it to the messabout this weekend. Someone at the club might buy it.
  4. Drew, Now you make me anxious to test mine! Unfortunately, it will have to wait until August. We have travel plans on the horizon. For nautical vessels, the USPS outlines a process using a Napier Diagram to define a ship's deviation curve. One is supposed to take deviation data every 15 degrees! I believe this is more germane for a twin screw 50 footer intending to make a passage to Bermuda, than to a plywood 15 footer with a 2.5 Suzuki heading for the Okracoke Inlet. I will take data in August, nonetheless. But I'll start with 90 degree increments, and might even go to 45, if I see numbers greater than 5 degrees deviation.
  5. Sorry if that last entry seemed a little "snarky". The vocabulary challenge caught me off guard, and it was late.
  6. Oh, make ME look like a hack, why don't you?! LOL I love that solution. But seriously. NOBODY sees it, as it's hidden by the ring.
  7. No, I mean Variation and Deviation. At least that's what we called it back in 1983 when I took my Advance Pilot Class from the US Power Squadron. Also, my American nautical charts show two compass roses, one superimposed on the another. In the center of one of these (for example) it states "VAR 15•00'W (2014) ANNUAL INCREASE 8'" I believe the "VAR" stands for variation. I also see that on the NOAA website they use the term "declination" for waht the USPS taught me was variation. I believe that they are synonymous terms. Besides, if I used your terms, I'd have to find a new mnemonic to replace the one I was taught 34 years ago. It ain't happenin'.
  8. You're correct, Ken. Last night, it kept rolling it around in my head-- "True Virtue Means Dull Company". (The mnenomic for correcting from true north to compass north.) If I were to circumnavigate with my BRS15, the variation would change continuously, but the variation would remain constant. Once I install the compass, I'll record my deviation for various courses. If it is significant, I'll simply add or subtract those in my navigational calculations, as I was taught in my navigation class.
  9. This is definitely a boat worth buying. It is an ideal boat for solo cruising, which y'all have been luring me into. But my Bay River Skiff perfectly suits my needs. (A daysailer for 1-4, a fishing skiff, and an occasional camp cruiser.) I'm gonna have to pass. I know I'll regret it in three years, but I'm not there today. Good luck, Chick!
  10. I've got one of those, too, Chick. And a handbearing compass. And GPS. I'm gonna check it out. Barcelona, nicht aus dem Vaterland. Say, I'll be in Mallorca this fall. If it needs adjusting...
  11. Don't fret. The ring plate covers up all your squiggly cuts. You can run a rotary microplane around the hole, but ain't nobody gonna see nuthin'!
  12. You're right, Pete, there are no adjusting screws. I can hear a Frenchman saying "eet eez for your own good, monsieur". I think this'll be OK for my skiff-- no bluewater passages planned. Besides, does this mean that all European sailirs are way off course? Or are we, since we can jimmy up our compasses.
  13. A few days ago, I discovered a red hot deal on a nautical compass. It's a European brand, so it isn't something I'd heard about before. But at tis price, I had to take a chance. I really like it. I wish they had a better photo of the bracket mount version. But judging from the materials used in the flush mount, it's going to be just fine. If you need a compass, here's a deal for you: Sorry, my photo won't upload (AGAIN!!!).
  14. I have lovely travel plans for this year, that will see me away from the house for nearly three of the next six months. Yet, when I look at these photos, I get the "I wanna go there!" urge. Thanks, guys.