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  1. It's fun to brush on-- it's a fine, low-tech paint. By calling it a joy, I mean that if you thin it, and use it properly, it gives you a high gloss durable finish. Kirby gives you neither. My plan is to show y'all a photo of my bottom (canoe), once I'm capable of downloading it (the photo). The forum app doesn't like photos taken and attached from my phone camera.
  2. For me at least, I will only use one or two-part polyurethanes on my boats. They are tough as nails, and a joy to work with. Last year, I bought a quart of Kirby marine paint, mainly because of the color. I am pleased with the color, but it is simply not as tough as my go-to paint, Brightside. The extra $20 spent on a quart of paint is worth it.
  3. Nick Schade (Guillemot Kayaks) uses a plastic spoon for a filleting tool. I can't wait to try that.
  4. Where did I just read (this week for sure) someone complaining about stripping off latex paint from a boat. They said never use it, because it's a pain to refinish. Sure wish I could remember...
  5. Great- 4mm will ensure that it will be as light as possible. It's a shame tonhave to poke holes in our expensive plans, but that's the deal. See you this weekend.
  6. Yep! Think of it this way. Not only are you going to have nice, tight fits in your build, you're going to come to love that plane of yours! Just make sure it's good and sharp.
  7. Congratulations on your launch! There's so much to learn and adjustments to make, the first year (or so). But now the fun begins. For the record-- a winch is a nautical device used for the purpose of mechanical advantage. A wench is a nautical person of female persuasion of which one attempts to take advantage.
  8. Once you have a linkage geometry figured out, do a mock-up. The greater that "X" is, and the closer those two mounting pins at the left are to each other, the higher the loads will be on the pins. "X" becomes a multiplier. Right now it looks like "X" is 4X the distance between those pins. That means that if a 200# person sits on the end of the seat, the pins (and their mounting) will see an 800# shear load. This is a manageable load, but not by using light duty attachments.
  9. That's one sweet boat! You'll be sailing her soon, I suspect.
  10. By golly, he really did paint her orange! Fine work, there , buddy.
  11. Why not do a removable boomkin, such as those on the Outred boats?
  12. You've chosen a great way to start building boats-- a kit and this forum. Take it nice and easy, keep the goo off your skin (use white vinegar and water when you do), and post on the forum, when you get into a jam. We love thinking that we're experts at this stuff!
  13. I see that! But it will be a lot lighter, given the type of construction. Chick-- is is built with 4mm or 6mm?
  14. Here's a closeup of the final surface. This is with one coat of undiluted Totalboat primer and one coat of thinned Brightside topcoat. I'll stop applying finish at this point. If I were doing it over again, I'd thin the primer a little. There were little pinholes in the valleys of the weave, which is one reason I thinned the topcoat more than usual. This method did take a lot of epoxy to wet out the Dynel. I ended up squeegeeing out about a pint of goo, before allowing it to cure. And I did take some sandpaper to the cured epoxy, to knock off some high, sharp points of fabric. But I'm happy with the job. We'll see if my mate's bottom agrees.
  15. Chipping away is good. Keep at it. Is that a boarding ladder tube I see in this photo?