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  1. Sailing the CS17

    Me too, Drew! But I really like this rig.
  2. Sailing the CS17

    The main tip that I learned from talking to Graham (at a messabout) was to worry about trimming the main first, and then the mizzen. This is especially true when you get a gust-- let the main out first. If you do the opposite, boat dynamics automatically wants to roll the boat. This is not what you want! Secondly, when I'm in irons, I do the opposite that Ken does. I pull the main to the opposite side of the boat to the tack I want to be on. The bow dutifully moves over to your tack. Try them both! Also, intentionally heave to, and watch your boat behave itself. It is the coolest thing. The steps are: 1) board fully down, 2) mizzen sheeted in tightly 3) main sheet loose-- uncleated 4) don't touch the tiller Enjoy your boat. See you at the messabout. Don Silsbe Local Honey BRS15
  3. Core Sound 17 Questions

    I used a section of PEX tubing, which I embedded into my rudder. It makes a slick passageway for my uphaul. This would be difficult to retrofit, but it can be done.
  4. B&B Messabout 2017

    Speaking of VS, I want you all to know that I took a can of this product with me on vacation. The idea was to have a sort of VS Homecoming. This photo was taken in front of St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna.
  5. B&B Messabout 2017

    There are commercial flights into New Bern. The campground around the corner has "trailers for rent", like the old song. Or you can camp at the shop with your own gear, as I am doing. At the shop there'll be a porta-john and a water hose, but no flush toilet or shower. If you like, you can borrow my solar shower. Bayboro has a wonderful seafood restaurant, so I eat there often. There's a good breakfast diner there, too. Bayboro is about 10-15 minutes down the road. I look forward to seeing you.
  6. A Visit From Graham

    You described Graham to a "T", Kennnee. I couldn't have done better. At the last few mess-abouts, I was lucky enough to serve him a drink at my campsite. Those discussions are always memorable. I'm sure you had a few yourself. It's good that he's making the rounds. Good for us, him, and his beautiful boats.
  7. Spindrift 12 build log

    Main thing here is to have some tongue weight (with the trailer loaded). Once, I borrowed a trailer that was neutral. Not only did it rattle on the ball, but the rattling shook the trailer loose from the car. Since the owner had used hardware store S hooks for the chains, they straightened right out. Fortunately, no one was hurt-- I only had to change my pants.
  8. Spindrift 12 build log

    Sorry I didn't see your post until now, WaltS, I'm doing some "intensive vacationing". There's always a risk buying a used trailer (or even a new one) that you can drop $200 or more into it, to make it work. The other issue with PWC trailers (and I do have one, so I know) is length. Sometimes they need to have a 4' extension added. That's more money to shell out. I think your trailer looks great. You chose wisely. If it were mine, eventually I'd get a higher front bumper tower. But that can wait. Get out on the water! She's a cutie. Another thought-- get your boat as low as possible on the trailer. Some ramps have a shallow launch angle. When your boat is higher off the ground, you have to back the boat in further. A tilt trailer solves this. Since I don't have one of those, I'm sensitive to this. At one launch site, I couldn't even launch-- I had to leave.
  9. Core Sound 20 Mark 3 Build - Chesapeake, VA

    It's good to have mini-workers. They can get i to some pretty tight spaces. And they'll remember this, for sure.
  10. Motor Canoe project

    My canoe looks exactly like this after one season of use. Kirby is nice, and I love the color selection. But after I use up this quart, I'm done with it. For about the same price, I could have gotten a polyurethane. Say what you will, but Brightsides wears like iron. @Walt S.-- the only thing I know to do is sand to a smooth surface, and give the whole thing a fresh coat. You can dab paint in the individual gouges, if there aren't too many, and try to feather it out. But it'll look like it. Depends on how fussy you want to be about finish. After a time, I have finally come to the realization that it's a boat, not a show car. It's part of the transition I've made this year from being a boat builder to a boat owner. In other words, "step away from the paint can, and go for another boat ride!"
  11. Aussie CS 20-3#5 "Dragonfly 2"

    Be sure to get some of these. The hidden purpose is that they are also guides when backing your empty trailer down the ramp. https://www.etrailer.com/Boat-Trailer-Parts/CE-Smith/CE27620.html
  12. 2.5 HP Suzuki

    I use only ethanol-free gaslone in all my small engines. The only motor that sees ethanol is the car and truck. Their fuel systems have been designed to tolerate it. My mower, weed eater, old VW, etc., not so much.
  13. Pete, I set up my BRS 15 with simplicity in mind. (i.e., no reefing, sails furled permanently to the masts,etc.). Everything is on board, except PFD's for guests. So for me, setup and sailaway is quick and simple. If I had reefing, sail tracks, outboard motor and fuel, my daysails would get complicated enough to have a checklist. And currently, all my sailing is a few hours on a local reservoir, so sail plans consist of a verbal "I'm going to Lake Robinson, honey!" When I start my camp cruising adventures, I'll have to revise that, too.
  14. An other OC20 build !!

    I am in awe. Not only is this surface finish beautiful, but those colors! I think I know what color my next boat will be. Well done!
  15. Core Sound 20 Mark 3 Build - Chesapeake, VA

    That two-part stuff is pretty nasty-smelling. Guess I'm sort of in a rut with Brightsides.