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  1. Texas 200

    If this works, it is a video of Pilgrim on a close reach down Aransas Bay on the Texas 200. Graham was in sight, but too far away for more video this day. We veered off and went into Rockport for a great hamburger lunch and more ice. It was a great day of sailing. 8AB8EF4A-4C06-4542-95A2-851E8DA983AB.MOV
  2. Mizzen Staysail rigging

    On Pilgrim, my P22, the sheet passes through a block on the end of mizzen sprit and cleats off on a belaying pin on either side of the cabin bulkhead, depending on which tack I'm on. The halyard cleats off on a horn cleat mounted on the outside of either cockpit coming. Seems to work ok.
  3. Princess Sharpie 28

  4. New sail track

    How practical would a retrofit be for Pilgrim, my P22? I have never liked the ss track.
  5. Pilgrim on the 2014 Texas 200

    Pretty easy. Done from the mast. I use fairly typical jiffy reefing on both masts.
  6. Pilgrim on the 2014 Texas 200

  7. Pilgrim on the 2014 Texas 200

    Exiting South Pass from San Antonio Bay into Espititu Santo Bay, Texas
  8. Princess 22 has new home

    We had to replace the cockpit sole and all bulkheads under it, also the motor transom. It was unventilated and got dry rot. I also replaced part of the stbd lazarette hatch area. It might have been caused by not getting all the rot on the other job.
  9. Princess 22 has new home

    After I repaired the wood on Pilgrim's main tabernacle, I laid down about 12 layers of light weight glass tape and epoxy around the sides and back of the top of the tabernacle. I faired it in well and you can hardly see the repair. Keeping the pivot bolt tight, I've sailed her the past two seasons pretty hard in some strong winds. There is zero evidence of any stress/damage at this time. The weather is not your friend on the tabernacles. I have tried to keep the end grain glassed over and sealed the last couple of years. If your boat lives outside, I recomment covering the tabernacles against the sun and rain/dew.
  10. Princess 22 for sale

    That is a very good price. Materials alone will cost you much more than that.
  11. CS17 mk3 hull #3 "Carlita"

    Hey, Graham, have you had opportunity to do anything more on Carlita? Any more pictures?
  12. True and plumb tabernacles

    The key to this is in keeping the hinge-pin bolt tight in order to balance the mast load on each cheek piece of the tabernacle...mine was too loose causing the leeward side of the tabernacle to have to bear too much load, thus the split. Happened to BOTH sides. An oversized washer (Maybe fab your own) on the outside of each end of the hinge bolt would help in spreading the load across the top of the tabernacle.
  13. True and plumb tabernacles

    Re: Howard's last comment on my main tabernacle issue...the pivot bolt was too loose and did not transfer the side-ward pressure on the tabernacle from the leeward side of the tabernacle to the windward side. The bolt must be tight enough to equalize the load on both sides of the tabernacle for maximum support. Graham was sailing the boat and we were on a beat with single reefs set when we noticed the cracks down both sides of the tabernacle. I took several turns on the bolt and snugged it up and kept sailing, though with some trepidation. The repair included ripping out the splits and epoxying in a "feather" in each saw cut and then wrapping the tabernacle in 12 layers of epoxy and glass tape. This was three years ago and I've done some hard sailing since then with no more issues.
  14. Belhaven #30 on the Way

    On my Princess 22 we just put some backer stops to hold the hatch covers on the berth hatches from falling through, and cut round finger holes to pull them up by. The cushions hold them down. Worked perfectly for nine years, so far.
  15. CS17 mk3 and CS20 mk3

    Oops. Meant to reference CS 17 MK 3 above. Don't even know if Graham has drawn the design yet.