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  1. Novice builds a CS-17

    Ahoy Andrus, Help may be nearer than you think. Several (three?) members of the Delaware River chapter TSCA have already started, or are about to start, their own CS-17s. Contact me privately and I can try to put you in touch with them. We meet on the first Tuesday monthly at Red Dragon Canoe Club, Edgewater Park, NJ. Drop by or take a look at our website: www.tsca.net/delriver.
  2. Core Sound 20 on eBay

    http://tinyurl.com/2jfe6o (I have no affiliation with the seller).
  3. Wanted to Buy: Core Sound 17 or 20

    http://tinyurl.com/2jfe6o (I have no affiliation with the seller).
  4. N.E. PA

    Closest water to you is likely to be Lake Wallenpaupack. Info here: http://www.wallenpaupack.com/ I haven't been there in years, but I hear tell that horsepower is unlimited and Clorx bottles of any kind prevail, so be forewarned. I'm down near Philly and frequent Lake Nockamixon (20 hp limit).
  5. Balanced lug rig.

    Ahoy Graham, We haven't spoken in some months but I wanted to let you know I'm still interested in adapting your CS17 to my Sea Pearl lugs. (I have to get the lake house built first). An earlier reply commented about the potential for a lower CE with the lugs. I'd just like to add a bit of caution from my Sea Pearl perspective: Marine Concepts literature mentions that their lugs actually raise and move forward the CE (compared to their wishbone Marconi's which I also have), giving a potential for lee helm in light airs. This has yet to get a reality check as I haven't yet put the Pearl in the water this year. (I know, I know....) Will keep in touch. Ned