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  1. Hello Dale, Thanks for the response, no need for a PM, just had seen that you hadn't posted in awhile and wanted to get your attention. I will be visiting Fl this year for the FL 120, I will be making up a cockpit tent and have been struggling with a design. I think about moving the mast to the third mast step (for nights) and going full cockpit with it or possibly stopping at the thwart with a half deal similar to yours.I am leaning toward your design (and not fight the mast) and then possibly adding just a sun shade aft to create cover but not an enclosed space. The only feedback that I have seen from you regarding yours was that you thought it too tall. Any thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated and as always pics rule. I am curious as to your method of connection to the hull and how you dealt with the fact that the cover does not waterproof/bug proof the entire cockpit. Did you install screening below the thwart and dams on the seat to keep water from rolling under your cover. Sorry to have stalked you and I look forward to your advise, Lively has been an inspiration over the years. Good luck in this new phase of your life, I've been married for over thirty years and can imagine your change (for good or bad) has been a challenge. Thanks, Jim
  2. I set this jig up on either end so that my line did not wander, put a small kerf in the tube at the plumb mark either end then strung a piece of mason line. I used PPG self etching primer and sprayed with rustoleum, 4 sailing seasons and it seems to be sticking (I need to put some leathers on my sprits to stop wearing paint at that junction) Hope that helps Sorry pictures are in reverse order. There are more pictures in my build pics in the signature link below. Jim
  3. I was hoping to ask Dale a couple of questions about the tent he had on Lively. I see that his profile does not allow PM and it doesn't appear that he has checked in here in awhile. If anyone speaks with Dale please pass along the request as I would really like to discuss his design. Thanks, Jim
  4. 1/2"emt conduit hoop and center post. All tube to deck fittings are plastic bimini anchor/hinges. Front post to the hoop connection is a plastic bimini fitting. All joints have clevis pins for removal and the front post to the deck has a quick release pin so that it can be pulled and the entire dodger can fold forward out of the way.
  5. Good luck on your project. One note on the dodger; these boats can be pretty wet to windward and the dodger was installed more to keep some of the spray out of the seating area especially for anyone sitting forward of the mast thwart. Mine has one pin in it to release it and let it drop out of the way. Jim
  6. I have been doing a great deal of thinking and searching on this topic lately and here is where I am at this time. I built a spray dodger last spring and want to incorporate a camper into it. In fair weather the dodger could be folded forward and out of the way for maximum ventilation. I am thinking 2 fiberglass tent poles utilizing the two sets of oar lock sockets. The following picture is from the Swallow Boats website. I like the overall concept. What I don't like is attachment system as used in the picture. I think a skirt that laps the coaming and lays on the deck would be better with the tie downs to the interior. Instead of the line at the exterior of the coaming perimeter I think something interior under the coaming edge would be better, it could be a line or snaps. Entry would be from the aft deck. Just my current thoughts subject to change without notice.
  7. Stop out and help paint the house and I will take you with me next time It was a great weekend, good sailing, spectacular sunsets, both of my adult daughters and my best friend Joe. Doesn't get any better. Jim
  8. First time out this season. This is far better than painting the house. Jim
  9. Nice Dave, Simply elegant as well as functional. (Both the oars and paddles)
  10. Looks like you have a pretty good start. Will you be able to rework the existing canvas or will you be making new? Jim
  11. Here are some pictures of my recently finished dodger. I can not provide much empirical data as I have not been on the water yet this season. The idea was to keep the outboard ends as low as possible so that the helmsman could see over the top of the dodger. I made several mock ups to see what I could see over. The unit is of a more round shape to facilitate less visual obstruction. I will have to measure the apex of the arch but I recall it being about 10 or 13 inches above the deck. It will not be a place to sit up right if you are sitting on the seat, its primary function was to divert some of the spray coming over the deck. These boats are light enough that I would avoid as much surface area to catch the wind as possible. Hope this helps and if it ever quits raining here on the weekends I will provide an on the water report. Hope that helps a little, Jim
  12. I thought as much on the drink holder. You should insulate it to keep your coffee hot..wink wink..yes coffee. I built a wine rack out of pvc for my bride who finds the best way to live with me is to have a glass of wine daily.
  13. Looks great Dave. What is the assembly behind the lazaret seat, the tray with the 2 pieces of pvc pipe. Although I am not a racer I have not found it necessary to hike way out. With 2 in the boat the forward crew member sitting on the side deck seams to be enough, solo just my weight on the side deck is enough although I have slipped and scared the crap out of myself in a good blow and have added nonskid to the floor this spring. The boat tends to spill excess wind when heeled too far and if I am struggling to control the boat I reef. 25 knot winds, solo, with the third mast location in use is a walk in the park . Jim
  14. My boards are about 10". I do have the forward oarlocks in place as per Graham's recommended placement, I could try the oars out and let you know, this additional use was not on my radar. Thanks Jim
  15. I hadn't thought about selling mine yet but the opportunity to sell and start a new build is never far from my thoughts. Pics of the build Pics of this years upgrade More upgrade pics Please send me a private message if you would like to discuss further. The outboard in the pics can not go with the boat it was a bday gift for my 50th from a dear friend. I have an ohio title for boat and ohio registration for the trailer. This is the 4th season for both the boat and the rebuilt trailer. Thanks, Jim