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    Exploring waterways between Seattle and Alaska. Also interested in avian critters and recording nature sounds (mostly birds).

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  1. CS17 #339 launched

    Wow! I agree with Thrillsbe (and everyone else) -- your boat Is gorgeous. Nice job, and congratulations! Fred
  2. Fantastic! Can't wait to hear and see more of your travels!
  3. Core Sound 20 Mark III #3 "Jazz Hands"

    Steve, For what it's worth, I left my combings open at the stern, but I've trimmed them w a 3/8" trim to cover the ply edge and framing. I wanted the cockpit openings to store the kind of stuff Hirolonde mentions, and likely my oars too. One thought I had was that if you were to broach or knockdown and the combing filled, you'd be in a bad way until they drained. Leaving the end open seemed to offer some prospect for quicker drainage than a weep hole.
  4. Bill, I'm envious of your plans - I'm really interested in both places you're heading to. I'm terrible at this myself, but I'm hoping you'll post about your travels. I'm looking forward to hearing about them. Fred
  5. CS 17

    So Cool, Paul. Congratulations on building a great looking boat! Fred
  6. Texas 200

    Thanks for the detailed and thoughtful reply, Graham!
  7. Texas 200

    Hi Graham, I really enjoyed hearing about Carlita and this event. By now you've got a lot of miles on her, so I'm curious what your current thinking about foresails is. What, if any, did you use on the Texas 200 and how'd they do? Have you had a chance to do much spinnaker work? How'd it go, and did the retractable forward skeg help? Have you sailed Carlita w a staysail? Thanks! Fred
  8. A "micro" tender for Carlita

    Totally Love it! Can't wait to see it in the water, and bet I'll order one once I get my own boat in the water. You guys are awesome!
  9. Summer Breeze - Core Sound 17, Mk-3

    I've been aboard Summer Breeze and agree w PAR and others that it's a great boat, and what's more, the build is really well documented. I'd buy it in a heart beat if I weren't already building a CS mk3 myself. I hope, Chick, you're just making room for the next build, and not selling for health reasons. Fred
  10. CS17 mk3 hull #3 "Carlita"

    Very, very cool, but not surprised how well Carlita performed. It's impressive how high she sits in the water at 90 degrees - even w full ballast tanks. Fun to see how hard you had to pull her over w the full tanks too. Thanks Graham!
  11. CS17 mk3 hull #3 "Carlita"

    Aha! There it is on the dwg - hadn't noticed the oarlock on there. Thanks for the info and good to hear that rowing is workable at that location. Glad that everyone (esp Mandy, who looks like she Loves hurricanes) is safe.
  12. CS17 mk3 hull #3 "Carlita"

    Best of luck to you Graham, the B and B family, and everyone on the SE coast with the hurricane. Stay safe -- we're thinking of you.
  13. CS17 mk3 hull #3 "Carlita"

    Graham, It looks like you've placed the oar lock pin ~30" aft of BH3, and have dropped it a few inches below the top of the coaming there. Are you expecting to pull the mizzen out of the way for extended rowing, or could it stay in? It seems like it might be in the way. If you'd pull the mast for serious rowing, I wonder about moving the pin even further aft, and sitting on the thwart to row? With the oar so high above the waterline, would it make sense to angle the oarlock outward? Seems like the oar could be a little shorter that way. What length oars are you using? I'm excited by so many aspects of the 17 - trailerability with a small family car being one of them. Very cool! Fred
  14. CS17 mk3 hull #3 "Carlita"

    Congratulations Graham, on winning First Prize at the MASCF with Carlita! I am totally jazzed by her - such a cool boat, and such an inspiration! ( congratulations to Alan for winning big as well!) So great to see B&B get well-deserved accolades.
  15. JP, It looks to be an absolute treasure! Great work and congratulations. Fred