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  1. I also had to extend both of my sprits though I feel silly not swapping and extending only one like Dnjost describes! 🤔 My issue may have been with using a different sail plan than what the drawings were for. I do recommend testing before commuting to the cut.
  2. Nice work! Looks very roomy.
  3. Looking forward to updated pics of the forward Bimini. Did you fill in the front?
  4. I have the one you show which I guess is outside mount. I milled out a recess with a router so the plate fits flush with the hull. No issues with the install or operation.
  5. Last February I had plans to base out of Buck Hall Rec. area and day sail for a couple of days to try and get a winter sailing fix. Unfortunately there was high winds and unusual cold forecasted so I bailed. Don, I look forward to your trip report. Just remember that the new standard in trip documentation is real-time SPOT tracking and daily updates. 😄
  6. I'm loving this. Armchair cruising (racing?) at its best!
  7. You're welcome. I look forward to your trip report!
  8. I've not been there but it is on my short list. Caper's Island, Bulls Bay, etc. Check out this guys blog: He is a local small boat sailor and wildlife enthusiast. He also has a book about the Cape Romain area that I recommend.
  9. I'm going to read them! My bookmark takes me to this page so I always forget about that other page.
  10. Jim, what holds your dodger in the up position?
  11. I hear ya! What I REALLY want to do is MK3erize her. That's a bit more complicated.
  12. Here is a picture from the development phase. The two front corners hook to horn cleats on either side and the aft corners clip to the mainsheet and can be adjusted for more or less protection or air flow. You can also raise or lower the front attachment point. One benefit of this design to the folding dodger type cabin is that I can access the forward hatch under cover.
  13. That's a really cool structure. I have a need for some covered storage space as well and I suppose this is an option for me. My only concern is that there isn't much UV resistance with polyethylene sheathing. The winter months of our CS17 build was done in a greenhouse and any ply that was exposed to the sunlight had a noticeable discoloration.
  14. Mizzen mast as a ridge pole is an interesting idea that I hadn't considered. My first thought is that it would be too much for set-up and tear down having to deal with the mast, sail, sprit, downhaul, snotter, etc. My current setup (CS17) is like a boom tent but just using a line instead of a rigid peak. The line hooks low on the main mast and rises to the snotter eye on the mizzen mast. PVC conduit stiffens the trailing edge against the mizzen mast. (Picture attached (I think)). I've spent a couple of rainy nights with this setup and it works better than I expected. Setup is probably less than half of the time it takes me to setup my land tend. I do carry a simple bivy sack in case I need more rain/wind protection. I am debating on whether to improve on this design or proceed with the dodger/soft cabin idea that I have been mulling over for a while. It would be good to have something to extend aft of the mizzen mast because my head tends to lie on the center thwart.
  15. I have the standard CB on my CS17 (with control arm) and in a rush-to-launch situation, I went with a simple 1:1 on uphaul and downhaul. I thought I would change it later but 1:1 seems adequate. The only issue I can see with it is that it swings quickly and hits the limits with a lot of momentum. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk