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  1. Sun Glasses (semi-OT, but boating related)

    Try Fishermans Friend, (I think thats what they are called) they are about 15$ - 25$ you have to be nice to them because the cheap-ness is the result of the polerizing stuff being a layer on the outside of the lens. Some of them even look ok (the wire frames), I like the wrap arounds even though they look stupid, they are great on the eyes. Cheers! Neil
  2. Houseboat

    What is shown as the cut out area IS the compression (heavy JPEG), it could still be PhotoShoped but I dont think so: the perspective seems correct so far and the color and contrast balence between the tug, the barge and the house are identical... that is VERY hard to duplicate. If it is an edited photo I would love to meet the person who did it, they are among the best in the world. Cheers
  3. This is a well made boat!

    I bet he is a wee bit anoyed.
  4. This is a well made boat!

  5. The hunt continues..

    By the way, a bunch of the pictures on your website are missing...dont know if you know that or not but I figured it would be the thing to do to mention it... That and I want to see them! Cheers!
  6. The hunt continues..

    Michigan.... I still like the answer: the Sun! GRIN!!!!!!!!!!
  7. hull strength

    WOW! I never thouht of building a boat just for hitting things! Monster trucks have huge tires...... heh.....
  8. Gmail invites

    I would love one! My friend James sent me one while I was out of town and it expired before I got home! If you still have one I would be delighted! Cheers. Neil
  9. Surplus stainless machine screws (302) for sale

    With 70,000 of those suckers you could armorplate the bottom of your boat.
  10. Phil, missing links

    oops... that thread was from 2002! Sorry!
  11. Phil, missing links

    looks like he still does: http://pragdata.com/philboat/mainpage.html Cheers!
  12. Free Nautical Charts - NOAA

  13. Free Nautical Charts - NOAA

    Sorry about that, it was truly hidious... The things I find funny while drinking never cease to astound me in the morning. Hope this is better... Anyhow, here are two companys that make readers for the NOAA enc files, they are somewhat diferent, Fugawi if faster, and SeeMyDEnc seems more complete (I downloaded these a few years ago, so dont quote me on that). http://www.fugawi.com/ http://www.sevencs.com/products/seemydenc.htm I am not sure about this but if I remember correctly one or both of these can feed info right into your GPS. Cheers!
  14. Free Nautical Charts - NOAA

    Be carefull with these, they have various editions... some are usefull for navigation and others are not, if I remember correctly the ones labled "2" and above are good for navigation. Cheers! (no I dident spell check this, and I have the hicups. Like my nifty new avatar thingy?)