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  1. NY Curlew finally complete

    Very nice job! And well worth the wait.
  2. WRC drying up, alternates?

    Did you mean to say the BB? Or was I wrong thinking the WRC is a domestic product?
  3. WRC drying up, alternates?

    Where I am in the Capital District, the Curtis Lumber stores carry WRC. Is there one near you? -Ben
  4. Vardo build questions

    I haven't used a spray skirt, so I didn't know enough to offer a quailfied answer to your question. But it looks like you figured it out. Your Vardo is looking great!
  5. Plywood Testing

    http://dmkforestproducts.com.au/wisa-birch/ These folks aren't anywhere close by?
  6. Launch of FreeB

    Looks great! I am unfamiliar with the FreeB design, but it seems like your CG is a kinda high. Is the boat stable?
  7. Bandsaw or Scrollsaw

    I did all my frame cutting with a hand held jig saw with a fairly fine-tooth blade. It worked great on the Baltic birch and turned the corners nicely. If you are choosing between the two you mentioned, how will you cut the insides out of the frames with a band saw? And band saw blades are usually wider, making it difficult to make tight turns. With a scroll saw you can do the tighter turns, but every time you want to do an inside cut you have to remove the blade and re-install it on the inside of your frame. I used a table saw to rip my stringers. Have fun with your build! - Ben

    To be fair though, if there was a higher demand for it the US marketplace would provide.
  9. NZ Castaway build

    Fine looking boat! I would suggest leaving your camera in the car for your first paddle. You never know. Your photos are exceptional!

    Good post!

    I feel for you, bro.
  12. Ohio Vardo Launch

    Very nice! Why Comet?
  13. North Queensland Curlew

    Very cool! Good job.
  14. She is free!

    That was a 'Copy & Paste' from Wikipedia, right?
  15. unhappy with durability of paint

    I've only had my Short Shot in the water 3 times so far. And like you, I am very pleased with the performance, but slightly concerned with the paint especially on the keel. My last outing was on a local creek that had the usual submerged logs. When the entire keel rubs on objects like this it makes me wonder what damage it might be doing. Rather than brass at the bow and stern I used an 1/8" thick x 7/16 strip of delrin held on with stainless screws every 3 inches. It is very tough stuff and seems to be working nicely. Now I'm thinking about covering my entire keel with it for protection. -Ben