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  1. Ah. That makes sense. There are so many good sources of information, it's hard for me to keep track of it all.
  2. Yes. So ideally, you would use just three lengths of thread to do the sewing. I think, if my memory is right, I was short on my bow thread too. That means you have to pull a knot through your fabric causing bigger holes in that area. The long thread sounds cumbersome but it isn't really that unmanageable. I have no opinion on the tape other than I like the sewing method just fine.
  3. I had lots of sinew left over from my 2nd roll, so I used it. Worked well, no regrets. When sewing in my coaming I underestimated the length of sinew I would need. It was a pain to splice in more. My advice: go long! I don't really have an answer for you on total length needed.
  4. Thanks for your post! Might oughta go in the 'Tips and Tricks' folder?
  5. "Hard" but not impossible. I won't be giving up this close to the finish line. It turned hot here and I want to get out on the water!
  6. Peek-a-boo! There are quite a few of these. It explains why there was an inch of water in about five minutes!
  7. Thanks fellas!! That's the input I was looking for.
  8. I took her out for the first time today. I had never been in a kayak before, so it reminded me a little bit of my first time on ice skates. I figure it'll just take some time to get the feel of it. Unfortunately I had to cut things short because she was taking on water very fast. I used the loose weave polyester with three coasts of rustolium. Since all my stitching is on top, I have to assume I need another coat of paint. Can I get some advice? - Ben
  9. Building two Short Shots simultaneously?
  10. Beautiful!
  11. I appreciate your comments Robert, and even the sarcastic one(s). There have been very few projects I've been involved with in my litetime that were absolutely perfect, but when the newness wears off I settle in and take a little pride in the fact that the object was the result of my creativity. Thank you Jeff for another outlet of creativity for us all. I can only imagine the number of hours of TV I missed because of you.
  12. I can only answer based on what I know about the Short Shot, because those are the plans I bought. Yes to both questions. They also had patterns for the optional laminated beam as well as the standard plywood frame. - Ben
  13. Thanks for the encouragement. I like the look of it too. If I build another kayak, the only change I would make to the coaming would be the type of wood. I made a spontaneous purchase on a Sunday afternoon at Lowes. Their hardwood selection was Oak or Poplar, and I didn't really want to use Oak. I'll probably look for some Maple next time.
  14. I just took a look at the map. You won't get run over by 60ft yachts there? Is Seal Beach National Wildlife Reserve accessible? That looks like it would be a great place to paddle! I'm only teasing, of course. Have fun!