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  1. Check this out for a nice 12' sail boat

    There was (maybe still is, I'd have to drive by) one available about an hour north of Minneapolis, he wanted about $950, I think. I'll check on my way home. If anyone is interested, send me a note, I'll be back near email on Friday evening.
  2. test fit gone wrong...

    Too Cool! Definitely time to go looking for the local epoxy supplier. Alongwith the basement work, I get to add heat to the garage. Hopefully I can get some project time in soon. The ice should be off the lakes in a couple months! I looked through your photo album, beautiful scenery. I'd love to go paddling around those islands. I'm sure the kids are having fun with the adventures.
  3. test fit gone wrong...

    Exactly... I am going to learn how to work with the fiberglass on $25 worth of wood, and see how it goes. (how much room for slop is there?) :wink: Lots cheaper and less frustrating than building the boat of my dreams, then having to look at rookie mistakes for ever, or worse yet, rework it after the fact. Fringe benefit, the girls will probably have more memories about the boat that Dad built for them to learn in, rather that just the boat we scooted around the lake in.
  4. test fit gone wrong...

  5. test fit gone wrong...

    I am working on a one sheet plywood canoe for my daughters. I thought it would be a good day to test fit for seating dimensions, brought it in, got the ends tied together, set in two step stools for the seats with hopes of measuring for the fit. Before I got a tape measure out, this is what happened. After I took the picture, it was filled to the brim with stuffed animals, toys, blankets, video tapes, DVD's and CD's by little sister, follwing big sister's orders. Then the request was for a tea party in the boat. So much for productivity. :roll: I did get them to help me with the construction... they ran the vacuum while I drilled the holes to tie the ends. We had to work clean, since we were working on the kitchen table, we wouldn't want Mom to catch us! [attachment over 4 years old deleted by admin]
  6. The Vector

    I bought the plans a little while ago, too much going on yet to get to any building. As I remember it, there is a steering wheel under the dash that is connected to an eyebolt of sorts that is the front axel. The axel is fixed on one end and slides in a groove on the other as needed for steering. A pretty good idea, less steering geometry and fork rake to deal with. Anybody out there got one running? Near Bill and I in Minnesota would be even better? I've got the option to buy a wheel kit for my iceboat, but this looks like good fun, easy to build and somewhat cheaper than adding more iceboats to the fleet!
  7. Christmas Presents

    I got best (most dangerous) thing for Christmas yet... PERMISSION! :twisted: I spotted a fiberglass speedboat from the late 1950's at a local junk peddler. It is in fairly good condition, but has some snow/ice in it,so a final inspection will come when it is thawed out, but it should be a fun addition to the fleet. It can't be THAT bad, it is doing a good job of holding water in! When I first mentioned it to my wife she was less than excited, due to limited storage area. (she may be right, but I won't admit it... 1 Hobie 16, 1 Macgregor 19, 4 canoes, 1 iceboat, plus future wooden construction? At least I got rid of the aluminum row boat that came with the trailer for the Hobie!) I tried some convincing, but had no success. After the kids were done opening their presents, she gave me a card with the note that said the owner was holding it for me to go look at it, and buy it if it looks good! I did tell her that this should tide me over until I can ge the time to build something larger! I probably should have kept my mouth shut! Now it's down to wait and see on the boat, then wait for soft water!
  8. I'm Back

    Hi, I