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  1. The Flies I love...

    don't know- got the pic off the web. Uh- what wife???
  2. The Flies I love...

    Hey guy- been a long long time.. Yeah, still kicking.. Turned 76 a couple weeks ago. Back fusses at me now, but still have the sailboat, and still sail her. Not as often as in the past, but keeping on How's things at your house?
  3. The Flies I love...

    Lefty Kreh famous fly fisherman and teacher
  4. The Flies I love...

    well, and also Lefty's Deceivers
  5. Easy question for the masses....

    can't see a picture
  6. The Flies I love...

    and in blue
  7. The Flies I love...

    JUST saw this post. Used to fly fish fresh water a lot, but not in years. I now fly fish exclusively in salt, for red drum and sea trout. One of my favorites is the Clouser minnow, in various colors. Here in pink
  8. Just Checking In

    Greg, it was so still, you could see details of the engine, up in the motor well in the reflection. And you know my house- it's an A-Frame.. No place to HANG a picture
  9. Just Checking In

    OK, one last entry. Here's a shot of Tehani just off the ICW on a trip down to Port Aransas.
  10. Princess Sharpie builders

    I did Greg. Princess 22
  11. Wow!! last post Nov 2015??? Been away but---

    OK. Here's a pic from last Oct
  12. Boat movies

    Wind is a great film, if you cut to the scenes of the I 14's sailing
  13. Wow!! last post Nov 2015??? Been away but---

    Amazing. I have some here JUST like those. Must have a wide territory
  14. Wow!! last post Nov 2015??? Been away but---

    And you always put the left one on last.