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  1. Bright Hull on a Spindrift 9n

    "Proper prep work" would be basically sanding' date=' priming, etc as if it had not been left originally bright? I'm glad, but I know I HATE it when someone comes on one of my boats and asks how much I paid for it. Especially the Coronado. I found a desperate seller and paid what I could afford, which means I just about stole it. Telling what I paid makes it sound as if it's junk. Maybe after I get it all fixed up, so it looks like a 40k boat, I won't mind so much.
  2. Bright Hull on a Spindrift 9n

    What a beautiful boat!! (or is it "fine furniture"?) If my boat looks a 10th that good, I'll be thrilled. First, I have a question for everyone, then a probably "impolite" set of questions for you, but I'll ask anyway. First question (for all). I've gotten a few responses here and via email that bright finishes are difficult to maintain for working tenders. My boat will definitely be a working boat when it's used, but the nature of our present situation means it won't be used often. However, the warnings have me a little concerned, so here's my question. If I go with a bright finish, then decide to paint over, is this a problem? Common sense tells me no, but I don't want to assume anything. Now for some "impolite" questions about the kayak speciically and small boatbuilding in general. Capt Jake - Your website mentioned that you didn't build this out of an interest in kyaks, but rather an interest in boat-buidling and woodworking. What did you do with the boat after you built it? Keep it as a trophy, maybe using it occasionally, or did you sell it? If you sold it, how much did you sell it for? Now for a few more general questions, and they fall in line with why I asked about that. Is this type of small-boat building something a person can do as an avocation? I work in the computer field, and frankly have long since grown tired of it. I have a plan of 10-15 years down the road, taking an early retirement, and skippering boats as a supplemental income (occasional charters, moving boats for others, etc). Obviously, small-boat building would be another good avocation for someone that wants to semi-retire around boats.
  3. Trailer in PNW

    What part of the country are you in? My older brother is looking for a trailer for his Rhodes 22. You can contact me at hparsons@parsonsys.com.
  4. I just got my plans, and while I'm a long way from starting the boat, I'm trying to "build it in my mind" long before I start. I want to keep the hull exterior bright, and pant the interior. When starting, what would I do to keep the exterior hull bright when taping the sides to the bottom pieces?