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  1. help needed

    Thanks for the information. I have looked at your website quite frequently and love your work. The capacity of the craft really doesn't bother me all that much. I do know that I really want hatches in the front and rear. I am 5'4, and weigh around 150lbs so I can find room. I also know that comfort is an issue. I rarely use a seat back, but I like feeling like I am attached to the boat. What would be the best method to contact you to discuss what I am looking to accomplish?
  2. help needed

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone on the forum might be able to help me out. I have recently entered the market for a new kayak to better fit my style of paddling, and have become really interested on the SOF's. First let me describe my current equipment and situation. Currently I am paddling a 12' poly Precision. It has been a pretty good boat, but it is heavy and slow. I usually train on an inland lake in Michigan daily at a distance of around 10 miles at 4-5 mph which isn't too bad. But, on the weekends my usual can be anywhere between 45 and 60 miles a day. What I am looking for is something a little lighter, but much faster in the water. I would like to be able to go further, but the 12 to 14 hours is about my max. I would like my average speed at 80 to 90% to be maintained around 6.5mph. I don't think my current unit is even capable of going that fast. I'm also not too concerned with storage space because my trips only last a day or two at the most. The kayak also needs to be capable of handling some mild Saginaw Bay and Great Lakes surf. The last issue is that I am currently deployed with the military to Africa, and I won't be home until mid-June. Therefore if I go with a SOF, I would need to have it built for me or I will be stuck using the Precision until I could finish the SOF. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to reply.