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  1. Kit vs. Plans, CS17

    The pointer to Mcilvain is much appreciated.
  2. Kit vs. Plans, CS17

    Where is 6mm Okume at $72 in the Northern CT neck of the woods. The best I've been able to find is high 80s per 6mm sheet at Boulter or CT River Lumber. I'm in Woodbury and trying to plan for a winter project. Thanks, Bill
  3. New guy signing on-Need input from the FreeB 14 builders.

    Not a huge rush Jeff. I still need to get my plywood for the frames. On quick question if I may ask? Which stations do you recommend putting brackets on for mounting to the strongback?
  4. New guy signing on-Need input from the FreeB 14 builders.

    Thanks. I went ahead and ordered the kit for the 14foot last night. I figured that it was close, just wanted to get it right.
  5. Hi. My names Bill, and I first saw Jeff's work over on the Wooden Boat Forums. I bought and read the book, and decided to start with the FreeB as a learning exercise. I know it's unsupported by Jeff since the offsets free, but plotted out the points for the profile and wanted to get a sanity check, since I had a couple of flyers on the bow and stern plots, and it didn't appear the end s connected as end assemblies like the boats in the book. I want to be sure i understand the structure before I start ordering materials and cutting. Thanks, Bill