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  1. New fabrics coming (soon)

    Jeff, how well does the new 6 oz. fabric shrink? Does it behave differently than the "8 oz." or 11 oz.? I want to order some 6 oz. for my Crawfish, so was curious.
  2. Rubber swimming pool paint?

    I think I may have answered my own question. Chlorinated Rubber swimming pool paint uses Xylene as a solvent. Polyester is NOT resistant to Xylene. Bad idea.
  3. Rubber swimming pool paint?

    Has anyone tried rubber-based swimming pool paint to coat SOF fabric? I remember this stuff from 50 years ago. It was a chlorinated rubber based paint. Flexible, waterproof, UV and chemical resistant. They still make it, along with a non-chlorinated (less toxic?) version. It's $49.00 per gallon. Don't know about adhesion or abrasion resistance properties. Nor do I know if it would negatively affect the nylon or polyester fabrics. Just thinking out loud. Any comments or experience with it?? Regards, Steve.
  4. The five Golden Rules

    Jeff, I might add a sixth rule. "Keep an eye on the weather." Know what's coming your way.
  5. Darn it!

    Jeff, I'm sorry to hear about your misfortune. So I just ordered plans for Crawfish (single) tonight and ordered a second copy of your second book from Amazon this morning. I know it won't put much of a dent in your repair bill. Good luck with your trip to the Chesapeake. I used to have a place on the Eastern Shore of VA and miss the area. You'll love it.
  6. SOF Outrigger Sailing Canoe

    Jeff, maybe we can collaborate on this. Like you, I've got a lot of other 'must do' projects and not a lot of time. However, I'm willing to invest some time and money in this, even if it takes a year or two to complete. Send me a private message. I'm only 2+ hours from you. My thoughts on this craft are: good sailing performance, light weight (for potential car topping in future?), speed of rigging & launching (complexity of rigging up for sailing means it won't be used), and "elegant simplicity". Regards, Steve
  7. SOF Outrigger Sailing Canoe

    So Jeff, how about a SOF Outrigger Sailing Canoe? Paddle when the wind doesn't blow and sail when it does. Still light enough to car top (if there's a quick and easy way to remove the Ama). Maybe I should test this out on a Crawfish?? I think torsional regidity might be the only issue with any SOF design. Food for thought. Regards, Steve
  8. New fabric update

    Thanks, Jeff. I'll probably order small quantities of 6 oz when you get it and compare it to the 11 oz. loose weave. Having built model planes before, I like shrinkage because of the smooth, tight surface you can get. Cheers.
  9. New fabric update

    Jeff, are you going to get in any of the new 6 oz. polyester material? It sounded pretty good. Is it still capable of being shrunk with an iron?? Thanks for the reply. Regards, Steve
  10. Hello, All. Has anyone built a Crawfish piroque yet? If so, would you please post pictures and give feedback on it. I'm looking for a single place, "double paddle canoe" and Crawfish looks perfect. Plus, it would be a great way for me to get experience with SOF construction. Looking forward to your input. Best regards, Steve
  11. Curlew build completed

    Hey, Woodman. Nice build. Just curious....what's the partial frame just ahead of the cockpit cushion (attached to just chines and keel)?? Was that on the plans or is it something you added? Thanks. Regards, Steve
  12. Jeff, I received both of your books on Friday. Great weekend reading!! I've build several plywood boats but your SOF designs and techniques really excite me. I'm ready to build but need to narrow the choice down to one. Because of my size and physical abilities, I had all but chosen Vardo. Seems roomy. However, for my first boat, likely to be given to a smaller family member later, I was thinking about the shorter Curlew. My kayaking will be in local lakes and rivers in Middle Tennessee, as well as protected coastal bays and tributaries. Here's he deal. I'm 5'8" and a thick 260 pounds. OK I'm fat. The knees and hips just aren't as flexible as they used to be, so bending like a pretzel to get into or out of a boat with a tight cockpit isn't fun. Based on this, what's a good choice? Are all of your coaming sizes the same (34")? By the way, it wouldn't offend me if you said I was too fat and to build the StoneFly or Messabout 15 instead. But I was really hoping for something that performed better than a recreational kayak. Thanks for the reply.