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  1. Alternative Fabrics ?

    The other idea that popped into my head was using an extruded aluminum strip and spline like on a screen door. I made some large screens years ago using a 1" by 1/4" hollow aluminum strip with a groove for a spline and screen along one edge - a lot like screen door framing. It seems to me that the fabric you use might work well and far more quickly than sewing the edges as you describe on the website. Screw the strip along the midline and roll in the fabric and spline. Seems to be easy to get a tight result with screening - add a little ironing and voila! ( or as you fellas like to say: 'wah lah') I am waiting for a copy of your book and don't have any fabric to play with yet - thought you might have tried this idea already. Could send a pic if you are not sure what the heck I am talking about. Cheers.
  2. Alternative Fabrics ?

    I participated in a skin on frame course years ago in central BC, Canada. The boats were a peapod style that a small group could easily finish in 4 or 5 easy days. We lashed the fabric on with nylon cord reasonably tightly. No waterproofing was required - we just tossed the little boats into the lake and paddled around - took in no water at all. Unfortunately the instructor was not as generous with his information as Jeff Horton and would only say we could buy the stuff from him... It was a plainly woven white fabric that looked a lot like your Polyester - felt like woven fibreglass. I wonder if you (Jeff) know of such stuff and if it is available, or too pricey to be used? Thank you.