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  1. Longshot

    I didn't realize those were upside-down. Oops.
  2. Longshot

    I just finished my frame today. I was very happy at how sturdy and light it was when I removed it from the strongback. I'll hopefully have the skin on by the end of next weekend.
  3. Longshot

    Here's a picture of the fabric. after looking closer, it just looks like a few slightly loose threads. I'm not sure if they matter, just making sure.
  4. Longshot

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to create this forum topic to keep a record of my longshot build and use it to ask any questions I have. I just received my frames from Jeff today along with the skin. I have two questions: -is it okay if there are a few small imperfections in the polyester skin? -In the reference drawing in the back of the assembly manual it shows an 8'2" frame. I did not get this frame, but a different one that says 9'1" on it. Which measurement should I use?