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  1. Barry Payette

    Many of you may remember Barry. He Passed away On January 12. Barry was a friend, sailing buddy, and mentor to me and many others in the boat building community. He was a meticulous builder and a excellent sailor. His boat "Spirit Wind" is one of the finest Weekenders ever built. I dont know the details of his passing, but I found this obituary. Obituary Fair winds, Barry....
  2. Just Checking In

    Hi Greg, Good to hear from you. The Weekender is still sitting on the side of the garage. My wife had some health issues last year and it kind of threw us off the track for a while. Things are good right now and I hope to get out next season. The only problem with the boat right now is the motor. (Honda 2hp) I need to rebuild the carb again, it gets gunked up more than any motor I ever owned. joel
  3. Just Checking In

    Hello, Glad to see the board is still up and running. Still have my Weekender "Island Girl" but I haven't sailed her in two years.
  4. Just Checking In

    Hello everyone, I was just updating my passwords and realized I have not been on this forum for quite a while. Just thought I'd drop in to see if any of the "oldtimers" were still around. Barry? Frank? Joel (weekender Island Girl)
  5. Olympia Woden Boat Festival

    Jake, I could not find any link to the picture. I was just thumbing through the magazine I picked up off a table at work and the picture caught my eye. It was taken from the upper dock and looked almost the same as the one I took. Actually 3 boats together A trawler in front , your boat, and the mini-tug behind I'm not sure which day we are going yet. Hope to see you there
  6. Contemplating selling my Weekender

    Congratulations on the new boat Barry! I hope you are still planning on finishing Spirt Wind ??
  7. June 9/10 Anyone going? Barry? Jake? I was looking through the June issue of "Northwest Travel" magazine and spotted a nice picture of Capt. Jake's '56 Skippercraft at last years Olympia Festival. I almost forgot it was this weekend! See the link below for festival info. http://www.olywoodenboat.org/owbf/pressrelease09.htm Joel
  8. Contemplating selling my Weekender

    Jake, Sure didn't see that coming! I'm guessing Barry will grant you visitation rights. Here is an intresting story from Duckworks along those lines http://www.duckworksmagazine.com/09/columns/guest/einhorn/index.htm
  9. Main bill for life preservers?

    Here is a link to a site on hypothermia. I suddenly became interested in this subject after filling the cockpit of my weekender with 50 degree F water from Puget Sound last fall. It does get your attention! http://www.coldwaterbootcamp.com/pages/home.html joel
  10. Bronze wood screws?

    Try Mcfeelys square drive silicon bronze cut thread "Boatbuilders screws" I had great luck with these. Good quality, I only broke 2 or 3 during my entire Weekender build. http://www.mcfeelys.com/651-silicon-bronze
  11. Old timers South Sound Sailing adventure

    Craig, I'm not sure any of us qualify for general old timers status, not yet anyway. I did however get a discount at Starbucks the other day. Don't know the official cut-off age for that, but apparently the gray hair was enough joel
  12. Old timers South Sound Sailing adventure

    John, I checked the link. The pictures look the same. How may did you add? I see 13 total. joel
  13. Old timers South Sound Sailing adventure

    Had a great time yesterday sailing with Capt Jake (Weekender, "Fire Escape") Barry, and Mike down in South Puget Sound. We drifted around most of the morning but managed to make it around Anderson Island. The winds did pick up for the last leg. The opposing tide made for an interesting (and wet) ride back to the dock. Here are a few pictures of our adventure. I could of swore I took more http://picasaweb.google.com/jsacho/20080718South_Sound_Sailing Click this link for a Google map of the area: http://picasaweb.google.com/jsacho/20080718South_Sound_Sailing/photo#map joel
  14. Old timers South Sound Sailing adventure

    I guess it has been a few years..... Looking forward to sailing with you guys again. I am glad we could find a date that worked for everyone. I thought I would be sailing at least 3 times a week when the boat was finished but other things keep getting in the way! Jake, Joemma park did not work for us even at high tide. We had the boat all rigged ready to go, backed down to the water and realized that it was only about a foot deep ??? All I could say was "glad I didn't talk everybody into coming out here". I did however find another great spot. Manchester, about 7 miles from Port Orchard, maybe 2 miles from Blake Island, another 3 or 4 to Vashon Island , and a great view of downtown Seattle. We were going to go yesterday but I was too beat after scraping paint on the back of the house all morning. Oldtimers indeed ;D
  15. "The Fate of Resolution"

    Many of you may have been following this story in Small Craft Advisor I found this report today on Duckworks. http://www.duckworksmagazine.com/08/reports/resolution/index.htm http://www.smallcraftadvisor.com/content/sundowner/index.htm