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  1. Shad progress

    Thanks Jeff. That was my thinking too, but wanted to make sure I wasn't over thinking it
  2. Shad progress

    Ok, its been a long time between any work being done lol. I have a problem, or so it seems to me. I have checked my frame measurements over and over, and they are all spot on. My issue is, the coaming seems to leave portions of stringers and frame showing in the cockpit. See pics. Is this normal? I cant seem to find any pics showing these angles on a Shad. I now live a 5 minute drive from one of the largest lakes in the state, so the time has come to get off my ass Comments please.
  3. What Do ya Think?

    amazing stuff. Someone needs to coat a SOF with this
  4. Shad progress

    Thanks labrat, will do
  5. Shad progress

    Thanks P Douglass I still have some minor hull work to do, but have had to put it aside for a little while. Getting ready to move house, so trying to get other things in order. Soon enough she will be done, and then I will post more pics
  6. Shad progress

    Thanks for the nice comments guys I will be using epoxy on anything I feel is going to get wet often. As good as the Titebond reviews are, I dont want to take a chance when I now have epoxy here at hand. Had a sleepless night, was up til dawn, but it did have an upshot. Ive worked out how to mount my foot rests without fowling the frames, so will have that done this week as well 1st time Ive had a plus point for insomnia :/ HA!
  7. Shad progress

    A few pics today. I was a bit further along than this a week ago, but once I test fitted the combing, I saw mistakes Id made I blame it on late night working on it The 3 frames in front of the seat, where all off by about 6-8" too close, so the combing would have showed quite a bit of frame work underneath it. Dammit. Anyway, I have moved the frames to their correct location, and have checked all the others, which were fine. I now have to make new floor boards, as the originals are now far too short. I also am about to run out of Sinew, so an order to Jeff is about to happen as well I thought that I would be finished by now, but procrastination, coupled with very hot weather got the better of me for a few weeks. Id say Im maybe 2-3 weeks out from skinning at this point, which is not bad. I already have my next 2 boats being planned in my head lol. Whoever says one is enough is delusional! Im wanting to do a Stonefly, and Im also going to do a Pygmy Kayaks, Coho. Lots of work to keep me out of trouble I bought some footrests from the local kayak store, but Im so short that the rests foul the frames everywhere I need to place them. I may just make my own out of ply, and put some threaded inserts into a wooden rail so that I can adjust them if someone else wants to have a paddle. We will see what I can come up with. Cheers Aaron
  8. Which float bags to buy?

    Hi Jeff I got some measurments from skinboat.prg for their greenland bags, and IMO their too long. I have ordered a pair of these http://www.nrsweb.com/shop/product.asp?pfid=28922&pdeptid=1760 , got them on sale for $65 ea. Which are longer than the 1st ones I mentioned, and still allow a small amount of room in the rear for a dry bag, not much room in front. Im going to go with the Redfish seat as you suggested, will order in the next week or so.
  9. Which float bags to buy?

    Hi Jeff I'm running out of steam on building things, so a bought one is the best option for now. I will see about that seat, and let you know if he needs the plans. The main reason I want these ones, is they have separate gear storage in the bags, as well as chambers for flotation. Thanks for the info as always
  10. Hi Guys Im wondering what float bags you guys are using in your own kayaks? Ive been waiting ages for Skinboats.com to get new stock of their Greenland bags, but am still waiting. Id rather install them before skinning the kayak, so I can check the fit properly, and make any anchor points I may want. Ive been looking at the NRS Hydrolock bag, which is float and storage, but am not really sure it will sui the shape of "Shad". Will this bag work for me? (bear in mind I will have 8" hatches above the bags) http://www.rutabaga.com/nrs-hydrolock-kayak-stow-float# Im also considering the NRS Seat pad http://www.rutabaga.com/nrs-seat-pad Opinions? Whats the best seat for skin on frame? Thanks
  11. Shad progress

    Not much to say, except Ive been lazy Back into it tomorrow. Shaping stern Gunwale's to fit the plywood well, then lashing the stringers to the Stern plates. if I have time, I will also fit the floor boards, and try and shape the plastic lawn chair to fit the frames properly too. Should have some pics by Sunday Ive also decided to do 2 hatches for gear storage, and ease of getting to the float bags. They are a push fit O'ring design, very tight. The actual hatch and base are hard plastic, size is 8" Should be here in a few weeks, they only had white in stock, and I wanted black (of course). Next week its decision time for what type of wood Im going to laminate my coming with. Down to the hardware store to see whats available.... Also need to choose woods for my paddle, and get myself a router to sleeve the different woods together. may not be needed, but I will feel better doing it that way. Sorry no pics tonight
  12. Shad progress

    I enjoyed the process as well, went faster than I should have, but I always have been kind of impatient. Once everything is together and lashed, I will take some more pics. Have to make a laminated combing soon, will be using the peg board method. I already have the lengths of wooden rod, and will just cut them to size. Going to use some cheap MDF board as the base. Im undecided on material I want to use yet, but have not put much time into whats available that I like the look of Has anyone here used the lawn chair seat in the their own SOF yet? Im curious to see how its mounted? Im planning on using one of those plastic chairs, but gluing some neoprene around it as well, only 10mm thick. Also, I was shying away from making my paddle, but have decided to tell negative self doubts to bugger off and leave me alone for now lol. Im going to laminate a few woods togther before any shaping is done, and will try for hardwood tips as well. I know one thing, it will either be crap or good, I'll take that 50% chance and roll with it (no pun intended) Jeff Put my first post about Shad on my Facebook tonight. Added the link to your site for a look at Shad as well. Hope it gets a few more people looking and buying from you Lastly, I realized today, that not even 1 minute by car, and Im at a boat ramp already. happy about that, no driving for miles wasting fuel, and less excuses to not go paddling
  13. Shad progress

    Lashing til midnight last night :/ Sore hands today lol. I still have the deck beams and bow and stern to go. Broke one join, nearly punched myself in the face hahahaha. Will post more pics when everything is lashed together. Satisfying, to see it all pull together, and get some rigidity happening
  14. Shad progress

    Some progress today All going well so far, happy happy
  15. Shad progress

    With my own scarf joints, I have good glue squeeze on both sides of the join, no gaps, and am using spring clamps at either end, and a quick clamp in the middle. No silly pressures, but enough for a tight join. So far so good