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  1. CS 17

    Very cool! Congratulations. (yes, I did see it in the publication).
  2. Painting

    I used System 3 waterbased Linear polyurethane. At first, I swore up and down that I would never use this again. Now, two years later, I can tell you that the boat still looks as if I painted it yesterday. It is kept outdoors in the Northeast USA, and is only partially covered with a tarp. This stuff holds up extremely well!!!
  3. Rigging the Mizzen Sprit

    sorry for the delay. Just noticed the post with photo failed. Here is a link to the blog http://jostboats.blogspot.com/2015/09/pleasant-bay-and-simple-rig-adjustment.html 2 photos show the points of attachment. No issues, when closed hauled, the ring barely impacts the sheet, when on a run. the bungee keeps tension on the sheet so that it runs forward of the upright motor. No downside that I can see so far.
  4. unpainted aluminum masts

    I tried the leftover bits of S3 Waterbased LPU. It comes off quite easily from getting chewed up around the mast steps. It is easy to touch up, but will go with an epoxy base next time prior to painting. No corrosion that I know about so far.
  5. Tohatsu 3.5 hp longshaft . .

    Glad to hear of your success. My motor has had similar symptoms, but is not on the recall list. I am going to go ahead and replace the pump as it is only $35, as it is not brain surgery. Cheaper than driving up to the shop and back. Time is money.
  6. Tohatsu 3.5 hp longshaft . .

    Tohatsu has recalled many of the 3.5's manufactured in recent years due to a fuel pump issue. http://www.tohatsu.com/tech_info/25-35fuelpumpcampaign.html
  7. Rigging the Mizzen Sprit

    The ring on the shock cord has worked well on all points of sail, and in all winds, so far. No more sailing this year in New England.
  8. Tohatsu 3.5 hp longshaft . .

    I'm all ears. Anxiously waiting for your report. My 3.5 is cranky as heck. It's been "ok" with a new carb, but still has a flat spot when accelerating. Using nothing but Truefuel now.
  9. Sailing the CS17

    So far, with the caveat being that I haven't had enough on water time as I would like with my boat, I have discovered that going from full sail to 1st reef isn't too bad as I set up the reefing lines to the downhauls prior to leaving the dock. I do the main first by loosening the snotter, lowering the sail a bit, pull the new downhaul tight, move the sprit to the new tab, raise sail. Tack, then repeat with the mizzen on the opposite tack. The biggest issue is for when I need to go to that 2nd reef. By the time it's needed, it's usually getting pretty wild and moving the sprits to the 2nd tab on the main involves some skipper footwork and balance, as well as moving the downhaul to the third position on the sail. I have only done this in practice of winds between 15-20 in anticipation of increasing winds (reef before you need to learned from sailing Cape Cod catboats), but not when it is actually needed. When sailing with crew, this isn't too bad, but sailing solo I have found it challenging, yet doable. I still have some lines to move around on the mizzen to make it more practical. My Off season project is to install slab reefing on the sprits, and add 2nd reef hooks for downhauls. More spaghetti, but this would make the process safer and quicker. Love these boats with all the spaghetti. There is nothing like looking at the smiling faces of the crew as I blast across a 2' deep sandbar going full blast under reefed sail with the board up. Paul is right, keep the boat flat. Flat is fast. Nantucket sleigh rides rule. Any suggestions for making this easier are welcome. Photos coming.
  10. Core Sound 17 Questions

    I would love to see photos of slab reefing rigging. I currently lower the sail a little, haul on the new downhaul (put on prior to leaving the dock, then move the sprit to the next loop up. This works fine on the mizzen, but when single handling, it makes for quite a show with the main. It would be so nice to lower the main, haul on the outhaul, downhaul, re-raise. No messing with the sprit.
  11. Core Sound 17 Questions

    I forgot about your mast question. I built mine of aluminum according to the specs on the plans supplied by Graham. They are easily handled by this almost 61 year old guy. The balance point is right at the lower section joint. I was thinking that putting a little lead weight in the heels would make it even easier, but would add difficulty to de-rigging. I have never used the third mast hole, as I have two reef points. slab reefing will be the next project. Happy sailing, David Jost Massachusetts
  12. Core Sound 17 Questions

    Just got off the water a couple of hours ago. Here is a photo of my uphaul. It goes to a cleat on the top of the tiller, next to the cleat for the downhaul.
  13. 2.5 HP Suzuki

    Similar issues with my 4hp Tohatsu. Changing the rake a little by moving the motor pin solved the "problem". I have switched to using non-ethanol gas sold at the big box stores and have had much better reliability. Since the CS 17 sails so well, a gallon seems be lasting about a season.
  14. Thanks for sharing. I am still relatively new to sailing my CS17, and I know I could rig it quicker with more practice and less line tangling. This is an excellent idea. I always leave a float plan with loved ones or neighbors. Rigging time is about 20 minutes. De-rigging about 15 min. Maybe someday I'll move up to the 20. But for now, 17 suits my needs and time.
  15. Ocracoke 256 #3

    Wow. Gorgeous boat. Congratulations.