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  1. Carbon fiber mast

    As was mentioned, the strength of carbon fiber will vary based on the application - for instance, the angle of the braid, type of epoxy used, proper layup, and the type of fiber used in the sleeve or cloth. I'm including some stength data below for our Toray T700-based carbon fiber sleeves that should give you a general ballpark if you're considering the use of carbon fiber reinforcement. For precise information, you'd be best off asking each individual manufacturer for test data. These following values apply to a 45 degree braid angle; the change in strength at other braid angles is predictable - ask me if you're interested in such information. Axial Modulus (psi) 3,500,000 Transverse Modulus (psi) 3,500,000 In-plane Shear Modulus (psi) 5,200,000 Axial Tensile Strength (psi) 35,000 Transverse Tensile Strength (psi) 35,000 Hope this helps.
  2. Carbon fiber mast

  3. Carbon fiber mast