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  1. What boats have been changed to a laminated beam? Do you automatically get the plans for the design with the laminated beam when you order or do you need to specify?
  2. The bending stiffness of a square beam is proportional to the cube of the thickness, so a 7/8" stringer is almost 3 times (actually 2.74 times) as stiff as a 5/8" stringer. That is the theoretical answer - whether from a practical standpoint that additional stiffness will make it hard to bend the stringer to the shape of the boat, I don't really know. I would go with the designers specification.
  3. Is it feasible to offer both options in one set of plans? Add a third sheet with the frames for the laminated beam option? That way maybe you could provide (sell?) that sheet to people that have purchased the plans, but not yet built - like myself.
  4. That is a lot of stringers!! In the photo looking forward from the cookpit there are 20 longitudinal members (stringers, chines, keel, deck beams).
  5. Did you shrink the new fabric? Or isn't that test really necessary?
  6. How are you planning on covering the staples at the gunwale?
  7. I agree with Jeff in the previous post. Maintaining a 4 mph pace for 30 miles is in the realm of a serious amateur paddler that has built up to that speed and distance over time. Can it be done - absolutely, but it is generally not going to be something that the average weekend paddler will achieve. Ralph
  8. Any decent rack (Thule, Yakima, Malone, etc.) will hold a kayak securely with just straps. I have always considered bow and stern tie-downs as safety additions. Should there be a rack or strap failure they keep your boat from going through the windshield in the car behind you. As such, I always have a bow tie-down, and a stern tie-down also if I am going to be traveling at highway speed.
  9. Nice looking paddles! Too bad there isn't a practical way for you to ship them.
  10. I really like your kayak. It looks great! I have a few questions: 1. I see you don't have a sewn deck seam. Are the hull and deck stapled to the gunwale? Is there tape at the hull to deck seam? What kind of tape? 2. What fabric did you use? 3. How did you do the deck graphics? Sorry for all the questions, but I think your beautiful boat will push me to get started on my Ravemswood for which I have all the needed materials.
  11. mks said: "little confused now on the coaming dimensions. Your plan shows the lower rings 1" wide and upper at 1.5" wide. But Bcone's description indicates 0.5" thick and with lip about 1" thick." The dimensions you reference are for the coaming built up from plywood rings. Bcone is making the version that is laminated from thin solid wood strips. Two different animals.
  12. How does this design differ from the Shad? The overall shape and dimensions look similar.
  13. I have had the same problems with kayaking gloves. This year I decided to try pogies and am a convert. I have the Snap Dragon Hyper Hands - They work very well. My only complaint is that they can be too warm in anything above about 45 degrees. They have the same benefits as mittens, with the added feature of being able to slide your hand in and out easilly, if you need to do anything that requires your fingers (take pictures, adjust GPS, etc.). Some pogies have a gauntlet that makes it more difficult to get your hands out - these do not.
  14. "So what Jeff, and other suppliers are doing is trying to find existing materials that work." That sounds like experimenting to me.
  15. I looks like one of the boats has a laminated coaming and the others have the plywood ring coaming. Am I seeing that right?