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  1. SE Messabout

    From nine miles away, it'll be easy to make it there the following week.
  2. SE Messabout

    I plan to drop in several times. I live about nine miles away from the park. I can't do any boating till the bottom is rebuilt on my pirogue. I thought I'd have enough spare time to have done it by now. :roll: Last year it leaked about an inch per hundred yards paddled. I went out a hundred and came back in fast :shock:
  3. Bowsprit topmast......

    What comes to my mind first is whether it'll balance under sail. If you can't fly it and steer, no one will get the "wow" factor. The overall visual impression I have of your vessel so far is that it would fit in. On the negative side, how many strings will you have to adjust as you tack up a narrow channel :shock: :wink:
  4. A useful tool for working in confined places.

    Mostly I just close my eyes. It seems to help my fingertips "see". What I'd like at times is a second joint in my arm and hydraulic shortners or extenders. :roll:
  5. What is this Boat Rein thing?

    Would it have been located about right to be used as a spring line while at the gas dock? Just for quickie tieups like that?
  6. Where am I? EEKKSS!!!!!

    Mike, it could be worse. Here it ices on slopes as steep as 20%. :shock: With the hills as steep as they are, the north slopes stay icy long after most of the roads are clear. You have to pay attention to where you are, long after flat-landers could relax.