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  1. anyone know what kind of boat this is?

    It could look like a "Crotch Island Pinky" (which isn't as long as an "extreme" C.I. Pinky. Here is an example, but with the darkness it's hard to see the lines http://a2.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/267361_2077723594268_1580340431_2068881_4754065_n.jpg I don't know for sure but it is a "double-ender day sailor"
  2. Vardo coaming

    And I can't believe I'm wondering, but looking at coaming pictures on the web, I see that some coamings have the kayaker sitting with his back in the widest part of the coaming and I also see kayaks built where the kayaker issitting in the narrower part of the coaming. Why the differences? The plywood coaming with Vardo is not really an elongated oval, but has distinct narrow and wide ends. I imagine the wide part goes forward, right?
  3. I think they are comparing verticle grain an flat grain. What region do you live in? In Maine we use primarily white cedar . . . . out west they'll use red cedar . . . . but I've definitely used vertical grain dug fur for a 30ft clamp (similar to inwale) before so you'll probably be fine as long as everything gets lashed together. What are your options?
  4. Vardo coaming

    Hi Jeff, Could you comment a little more specifically about the Vardo coaming. I'm made the outter deck beams, both fore and aft, extra long and have trimmed up the center ones so the lashing holds. I understand that the forward part of the coaming is to rest on the deck beams, but is the same true for the aft section? Can you give a rough estimate as to how long those deck pieces are (I understand that each kayak is custom). It still seems weird that the lip is only 1/8th of an inch, but that's what the plans call for.
  5. painter hole location

    I'm about to drill the holes for the painters in the bow and stern, but I'm not really confident about the location. I see some pictures where it looks like the are back 10 inches from the bow and others only look like 4 or 6 inches. If they go back 10 inches I'd be in the first circular cutout of the plywood bow piece and it seems to me that I would want a separate hole for my painter so as not to stress the skin. I am building Vardo. Should I just go back like 4 inches and down 2 inches or should I go back far enough to go through the gunwales and the bow piece?
  6. Vardo coaming

    Wow!! And measuring my full size drawings (still glued to the wood), the coaming pieces are only 1/8" difference in widths? That doesn't seem like much. My upper coaming is 1 1/8" and the smaller two are 1" in width. So the lip is only 1/8"? Intuitively, it seems like the lip should be a bit bigger. It's definitely seems bigger in the video and the book.
  7. Vardo coaming

    So if I did have a friend help make one, and having a vardo, White cedar would be too soft? Maybe not though. Stacked together it's probably stronger than the marine plywood coaming. If not maybe oak. But what seems to be missing from the videos and the book is how many laminates for the wide base? Then all I do is cut 1/2" strips for the skirt to grab, so how many laminates of 1/2" to get the lip? Thanks!!
  8. Vardo coaming

    Thanks guys! P Douglass, I would definitely prefer a laminated coaming, but my tool selection is so nil. I've spent a year in a boat shop and we had to bend lots of stuff, with steam, boiling and pure brute force, but I don't even have a table saw right now. But maybe I can find someone around here to help. Newer area and not a lot of friends with shop equipment. But, no, I'm not really happy with my jigsaw coamings!!
  9. Vardo coaming

    Having used a jigsaw to cut out all of my parts, my coaming pieces are not really uniform and do not match up as well as I'd like. I'm not sure how to glue the top piece to the middle piece. Am I supposed to be trying to keep a good lip on the outside of the top edge to accept a skirt? Am I try to center the inside holes? Am I trying to have a lip on the inside? I would have definitely preferred a laminated coaming, but for this first build I'm settling for the glued up plywood version, I'm just not sure what my intentions are supposed to be. Thanks!!
  10. Foot position

    I was wondering this same thing myself, uncleralph . . . . glad I searched the forums and saw your post!!
  11. hatches

    And just out of curiosity, what would be the advantages/disadvantages of using a hinged deck plate similar to this one http://store.hamiltonmarine.com/browse.cfm/deck-plate-8.00-polyc-blk-locking-center-104565/4,2537.html Is it mainly not used because the screws would show? I'm just wondering what some other options are and what I should definitely avoid (aside from the Sealect option) . . . . I'm just curious. TopKayaker.net seems to have a whole article about deck plates being used . . . . so I'm just curious one way or the other http://www.topkayaker.net/Articles/Customize/KayakHatchDeckPlate.html
  12. hatches

    I think I plan on putting two hatches in my Vardo (unless someone talks me out of it for some reason). I've seen on the Kudzu site that for the past month or so the 10" hatches are unavailable. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to get suitable hatches that would work with this kayak? I definitely prefer a larger diameter. Thanks!!
  13. Sorry if this has been asked. I try to search a bit before posting, but I didn't find my answer. Are any of you sealing your marine plywood frames with anything? It just seems weird to me to have exposed, but maybe I missed something in the book or on the forums. A month ago I was helping to put a new deck on a sailboat restoration. We used marine plywood and coated the underside with west expoxy. Does anyone do anything to coat their frames or are they fine just being how they are? Thanks!
  14. Stonefly Maiden Voyage

    nice job!! looks like a clean build.
  15. cost for stringers -- opinions needed

    Thanks all. A small table saw is definitely on the list sometime during the next couple of months. Just had to load up on firewood so I need to save up again. I ended up lucking out huge. I got all my stringers cut. For my six stringers at 18' I got 12 each at 12'. Cut split and delivered for $40 They'll each need one scarf so I'll have over 5' extra for each. I know it was luck and not the going price, but that's all he wanted.