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  1. Launch of new Core Sound 20

    Very nice. Thanks for the pics.
  2. Ocracoke 24

    Dave: Sounds as if you are off to a good start. Enjoy! Joe
  3. Any B&B Designs Currently building in Australia?

    Peter: Thanks for the invitation. You're right, of course, a CS-17 would be overkill but what a show for the local paddle boaters!
  4. Any B&B Designs Currently building in Australia?

    Woodall: Thanks for the reply. Basically just want to see how things get done here in OZ compared to the US. Rob: Thanks for the invitation. We may be up that way in December (anniversary) and I may take you up on the offer. So far Canberra is turning out to be a real delight. Clean air, no traffic (to speak of), very nice people and lovely vistas. I think we are going to like it here despite the lack of big water. Who knows, maybe a CS-17 would be perfect on lake burley-griffen. Joe
  5. I am on my way to Canberra for a year or more and would be interested in hearing from any B&B builders in Oz. Especially interested in CS-20 and Ocracoke builds but any others are also of interest. Thanks Joe
  6. CS 20 progress

    The beatings will continue until morale improves?