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  1. Congratulations Laura on the launch of Skipper!! She is a beautiful addition to the Alaskan Fleet! Fantastic job. Fair winds and good sailing to you! --John M. Alaskan-in-Exile
  2. Ken, I happened to have some quartersawn White Oak planks left over from a Mission Furniture project which I used for my rudder. Quite possibly the strongest piece of material anywhere on the boat. It was a bit of a bear to shape, but you only have to do that once. Got a nice foil on it, following (I think) the link that Barry provided. For the rudder box, I used the ply recommended in the plans. Thoroughly painted the inside and edges before final assembly. Remember that only the bottom 2 to 3 inches of the rudder box is in the water. --John M. Alaskan-in-Exile
  3. Congratulations to Laura!! Can't wait for more photos! Fair winds Laura! --John M. Alaskan-in-Exile
  4. Ken, I just did the 5200 thing along all the stringers. Never had a leak. I think the fiberglass tape ( and the associate filleting ) would be overkill. --John M. Alaskan-in-Exile
  5. Frank, Thanks for doing this!! Weekender (As You Wish) 15' Wood Strip Canoe (Tuesday) --John M. Alaskan-in-Exile
  6. It was a beautiful Sunday in the Twin Cities for the launch of the my wood strip canoe. At the last minute, I decided to just go down to a local park lake 15 minutes away instead of driving an hour and a half to the Upper St. Croix. That turned out to be a REALLY good idea, since I forgot the paddles and didn't discover it until we arrived at the lake. :oops: "Tuesday" was christened with a bottle of beer from the brewery in Alaska at which I helped out. She paddled beautifully and was a joy on the water. It was fantastic to be able to "ghost" up on the Herons and Egrets on the lake banks. I still have a lot to learn about canoe control, but with my second outing yesterday I could already see some improvement. Most importantly, Adla, the beer cooler fits PERFECTLY!! Whew! I was sweatin' that one, I thought I might have to build another canoe to fit it. Life is Good! --John M. Alaskan-in-Exile
  7. Congratulations Ed! She's a beauty! --John M.
  8. Adla, I forgot to add the quotes for stringer. Definitely used the term liberally. His creation was clearly a Darwinian experiment, right up there with the weather balloons & lawn chair guy. 8) --John M. Alaskan-in-Exile
  9. Adla, I have to agree, my friend. Clearly, not seaworthy....Where's the beer cooler?!?!?! I love the way he has the back legs of the lawn chair strapped down to the ONE round piece of stringer. I see a fully reclined position preeeety quick on that rig. Must be a Bama engineering graduate. :twisted: Let the flaming begin!!!! --John M Alaskan-in-Exile
  10. Oh no Noel!! You've given Dave an idea! Do you have ANY idea what havoc you've unleashed?!?!? No doubt Dave is now planning some elaborate modification entailing a web cam focused on his awesome chain & sprocket steering system with integrated gps course plotting correlating rudder movements to course changes. :shock: For grins he'll probably add a real-time data uplink to a website. --John M. Alaska-in-Exile
  11. OH, It is always SOOOO fine to see group of small boats (if they're gaffer even better) beached somewhere. Great sight! Only thing better is being there! --John M Alaskan-in-Exile
  12. Hi Mark, Believe me, it was MUCH easier than building a Weekender. REALLY! It's funny, I teamed up with a guy from work on this project. When I got down here last summer, he came over to see As You Wish and we started talking boats. I found out he'd been wanting to build a wood stripper for 20 yrs., even had an old set of plans. I told him that As You Wish started out as a wood stripper & morphed into a sailboat. We decided to each build a canoe as a winter project. As expected, he was a bit intimidated by the size of the project. When we spent a weekend ripping 2900 linear ft. of strips and milling the bead and cove on the edges, I told him, "OK, the tough part is done!" He laughed. I told him that I thought making the material to make the canoes was going to be the toughest part and the rest will just be a bunch of little steps. Don't get in a hurry and just take it a step at a time. The day we finished the strips, he followed me back to my place and we put the first few strips on my forms, since I was ready. He couldn't believe how easy it was. 8) I told him again (and a number of times later) this isn't difficult, it's just a bunch of little steps, don't get in a hurry. When he finished and launched his canoe, he sent out an email to a group of friends with pics and this:
  13. Dave, Not sure yet. I've been investigating some lakes in the area. I just heard from a friend about a trip on the upper St. Croix which is supposed to be a fun, half day float. May do that instead. --John Alaskan-in-Exile
  14. Hi all, I finally finished the winter project and the wood strip canoe will be launched over the 4th of July holiday! Woohoo. Launching over the 4th is getting to be a habit. I launched As You Wish 2 years ago over the 4th as well. Here's a few pics of the finished product. I have to say, it was a very easy project. Anyone thinking of building one, should not hesitate. It's a 15ft. "Bob's Special" from either the CanoeCraft book or Bear Mountain Boats. Built from plans, milled/machined all the strips/parts. No kits, thank you. 6oz. fiberglass, Raka epoxy (3 coats inside, 4 heavy coats outside), Spar Urethane top coat (4 coats inside, 6 outside). Western Red Cedar strips. Ash gunnels, seats & yoke. Mahogany decks and scupper spacers. --John M. Alaskan-in-Exile
  15. Things I would have done differently: - Scarfed the hull side pieces. The hard spot created by the panel joiner drives me nuts. - Scarfed the rub rails or used 16' material. Same issue with the hard spot. - Built the steering differently, maybe Dave's chain & sprocket system. The slipping steering and having to work in that dang little lazerette is a pain. --John M Alaskan-in-Exile