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  1. Skipper

    Congratulations Laura on the launch of Skipper!! She is a beautiful addition to the Alaskan Fleet! Fantastic job. Fair winds and good sailing to you! --John M. Alaskan-in-Exile
  2. Rudder and Box Material Recommendations?

    Ken, I happened to have some quartersawn White Oak planks left over from a Mission Furniture project which I used for my rudder. Quite possibly the strongest piece of material anywhere on the boat. It was a bit of a bear to shape, but you only have to do that once. Got a nice foil on it, following (I think) the link that Barry provided. For the rudder box, I used the ply recommended in the plans. Thoroughly painted the inside and edges before final assembly. Remember that only the bottom 2 to 3 inches of the rudder box is in the water. --John M. Alaskan-in-Exile
  3. A Christening and a new boat joins the Alaskan Fleet

    Congratulations to Laura!! Can't wait for more photos! Fair winds Laura! --John M. Alaskan-in-Exile
  4. Sealing Stringers/Panels - 5200 or Glass Tape?

    Ken, I just did the 5200 thing along all the stringers. Never had a leak. I think the fiberglass tape ( and the associate filleting ) would be overkill. --John M. Alaskan-in-Exile
  5. Ranks: Boat Types

    Frank, Thanks for doing this!! Weekender (As You Wish) 15' Wood Strip Canoe (Tuesday) --John M. Alaskan-in-Exile
  6. Canoe launch

    It was a beautiful Sunday in the Twin Cities for the launch of the my wood strip canoe. At the last minute, I decided to just go down to a local park lake 15 minutes away instead of driving an hour and a half to the Upper St. Croix. That turned out to be a REALLY good idea, since I forgot the paddles and didn't discover it until we arrived at the lake. :oops: "Tuesday" was christened with a bottle of beer from the brewery in Alaska at which I helped out. She paddled beautifully and was a joy on the water. It was fantastic to be able to "ghost" up on the Herons and Egrets on the lake banks. I still have a lot to learn about canoe control, but with my second outing yesterday I could already see some improvement. Most importantly, Adla, the beer cooler fits PERFECTLY!! Whew! I was sweatin' that one, I thought I might have to build another canoe to fit it. Life is Good! --John M. Alaskan-in-Exile
  7. Ed Jones Launches his new boat!!!

    Congratulations Ed! She's a beauty! --John M.
  8. Adla, I forgot to add the quotes for stringer. Definitely used the term liberally. His creation was clearly a Darwinian experiment, right up there with the weather balloons & lawn chair guy. 8) --John M. Alaskan-in-Exile
  9. Adla, I have to agree, my friend. Clearly, not seaworthy....Where's the beer cooler?!?!?! I love the way he has the back legs of the lawn chair strapped down to the ONE round piece of stringer. I see a fully reclined position preeeety quick on that rig. Must be a Bama engineering graduate. :twisted: Let the flaming begin!!!! --John M Alaskan-in-Exile
  10. A useful tool for working in confined places.

    Oh no Noel!! You've given Dave an idea! Do you have ANY idea what havoc you've unleashed?!?!? No doubt Dave is now planning some elaborate modification entailing a web cam focused on his awesome chain & sprocket steering system with integrated gps course plotting correlating rudder movements to course changes. :shock: For grins he'll probably add a real-time data uplink to a website. --John M. Alaska-in-Exile
  11. OH, It is always SOOOO fine to see group of small boats (if they're gaffer even better) beached somewhere. Great sight! Only thing better is being there! --John M Alaskan-in-Exile
  12. Lauching over the 4th

    Hi Mark, Believe me, it was MUCH easier than building a Weekender. REALLY! It's funny, I teamed up with a guy from work on this project. When I got down here last summer, he came over to see As You Wish and we started talking boats. I found out he'd been wanting to build a wood stripper for 20 yrs., even had an old set of plans. I told him that As You Wish started out as a wood stripper & morphed into a sailboat. We decided to each build a canoe as a winter project. As expected, he was a bit intimidated by the size of the project. When we spent a weekend ripping 2900 linear ft. of strips and milling the bead and cove on the edges, I told him, "OK, the tough part is done!" He laughed. I told him that I thought making the material to make the canoes was going to be the toughest part and the rest will just be a bunch of little steps. Don't get in a hurry and just take it a step at a time. The day we finished the strips, he followed me back to my place and we put the first few strips on my forms, since I was ready. He couldn't believe how easy it was. 8) I told him again (and a number of times later) this isn't difficult, it's just a bunch of little steps, don't get in a hurry. When he finished and launched his canoe, he sent out an email to a group of friends with pics and this:
  13. Lauching over the 4th

    Dave, Not sure yet. I've been investigating some lakes in the area. I just heard from a friend about a trip on the upper St. Croix which is supposed to be a fun, half day float. May do that instead. --John Alaskan-in-Exile
  14. Lauching over the 4th

    Hi all, I finally finished the winter project and the wood strip canoe will be launched over the 4th of July holiday! Woohoo. Launching over the 4th is getting to be a habit. I launched As You Wish 2 years ago over the 4th as well. Here's a few pics of the finished product. I have to say, it was a very easy project. Anyone thinking of building one, should not hesitate. It's a 15ft. "Bob's Special" from either the CanoeCraft book or Bear Mountain Boats. Built from plans, milled/machined all the strips/parts. No kits, thank you. 6oz. fiberglass, Raka epoxy (3 coats inside, 4 heavy coats outside), Spar Urethane top coat (4 coats inside, 6 outside). Western Red Cedar strips. Ash gunnels, seats & yoke. Mahogany decks and scupper spacers. --John M. Alaskan-in-Exile
  15. Things I would have done differently: - Scarfed the hull side pieces. The hard spot created by the panel joiner drives me nuts. - Scarfed the rub rails or used 16' material. Same issue with the hard spot. - Built the steering differently, maybe Dave's chain & sprocket system. The slipping steering and having to work in that dang little lazerette is a pain. --John M Alaskan-in-Exile