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  1. Finally finished my Two-Paw 8

    Thought I'd share. It came out real nice and I'm proud of it. Not exactly sure how convenient/practical it will be on my Pearson Triton 28 but I get a sense of pride and accomplishment I'd never get from a rubber dinghy! And it's pretty easy to row too! So far, it looks like nested and in front of the mast is the best storage option as anything under the boom (either nested or assembled) extremely limits my visibility from the cockpit. I also modified the rear seat to be quickly removable with a bungee cord clip to hold it in place. The center seat is fixed and modified slightly to still allow it to nest (seat hangs out about 2 inches). Next addition will be some sort of bag to hold the screws and thumb knobs (and a few extras just in case). Also, I have 7' oars but am going to go with 6' as my tiny Triton is dimensional challenged to store anything over 6' 2".