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  1. Laminated Gunnel questions.

    This may be late to be of help to you, but i epoxied white oak spacers on I-beam type cross beams for a Wharram Tiki 21. i sailed it for about 10 years without any delamination problems. Cross beams on a catamaran do undergo a significant amount of stress from hulls that are designed to attach with flexability. i ran into a lock wall one time that split off a piece of Doug Fir from the beam, but the oak stayed solid as I recall. i used West System and bronze fasteners.
  2. CS20 mk.2

    Hello, all. I am curious if the non-kit form of the CS 20 will incorporate these changes. That is, will the plans mirror the changes made in the kit? i am interested in a CS 20 for beach cruising mainly down in Florida. It would be nice to have a cuddy so i can get out of the weather and the bugs.