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  1. CPR Training !

    Vinny says that "Staying Alive" works well, too...
  2. Action Tiger builds sailboat. With epoxy!

    36 grit? I think I've got a hacksaw blade that's that coarse! Actually, if you turn a hacksaw blade over and use the flat edge it might be a good enough cabinet scraper to get that paint off. the boat is still looking good and I'm having a nice time following along. Thanks!
  3. Action Tiger builds sailboat. With epoxy!

    I thought the answer was 42.
  4. Chick's Micro Power Cruiser Project.

    Or corn. You know how much corn you can buy for the price of a 175hp motor (or the fuel to run it)? Nah, neither do I. I like quiet boats and foam bugs for mountain lakes.
  5. To them it may not be a boat as much as an eagle shield.
  6. Chick's Micro Power Cruiser Project.

    Chick, I heard it was the sweet tea that did the saber tooth tigers in - Once the teeth were rotted they became catamounts.
  7. Action Tiger builds sailboat. With epoxy!

    So would you say you're 90% done with 90% to go or 95% done with 95% to go? Looking good.
  8. Early 50's Thompson runabout restore

    Hey Scott, While pursuing a different obsession this evening (airplanes, or more specifically the Boeing L-15A) I found myself reading an online copy of Popular Science from March of 1947 and there is an ad for Thompson Boats on page 48. The runabout at the top of the ad looks suspiciously like yours. https://books.google.com.au/books?id=oyQDAAAAMBAJ&pg=RA1-PA23&dq=popular+science+1947+L-15A&hl=en&ei=1EXWTNPjGpGlnQeY0YSwCQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q&f=true
  9. Chick's Micro Power Cruiser Project

    I'm thinking a bungalow would be good. A bungahigh would create too much windage. (ducks and runs away)
  10. You're making great progress. Keep up the good work. Be careful to stick with that plane as long as possible because the moment you switch to sandpaper your workshop is going to require frequent cleanings or maybe a sanding tent to match your epoxy table. Your epoxy table is more refined than mine because I just use a spare piece of ply and get rid of it when the build up gets too bad. I might steal your idea the next time I mix up a batch.
  11. Action Tiger builds sailboat. With epoxy!

    It sounds like something that would slide around hatching new covers. How many covers do you really need, though? Yeah, I know... Chick's comment was funnier...
  12. Looking good! Keep us posted. And please remember that cutting a rabbet is an entirely different thing than cutting a rabbit - This isn't a cooking forum after all.
  13. Chick's Micro Power Cruiser Project

    That's probably not micro but it is pretty nice. I'd like one if we had flatter water around here. Whatever design Chick selects I think he should paint it yellow to compensate for the re-coloring of Clementine and Southbound. We can't let the ratio of non-yellow to yellow boats get too high. After all, wasn't there a famous designer who pointed out that the only proper colors for a yacht are yellow and off-yellow? I might be mis-remembering the actual words but I'm pretty sure that's what he meant.
  14. Chick's Micro Power Cruiser Project

    Have you seen Paul Thiel's boats? If you built it lighter and flattened the run aft it would just be a big ol' box o' Jon Boat. There's undoubtedly a good Bolger candidate somewhere, too. A moto-brick or something. I'll have a look around (Oooh! Shiny!) http://www.mission-base.com/sea-land-design/escargotMIII_layout.html
  15. Chick's Micro Power Cruiser Project

    The floor of the cockpit wouldn't be high enough but if the foot-well is narrow you might be able to get your legs under the cockpit seats (quarter-berth). With your lower body resting comfortably under the cockpit seat on one side of the boat, your upper body would be in the main cabin so it wouldn't be too claustrophobic. That would allow you to have a shorter cabin. I'm just thinking that if you sleep with your feet stuck up in the bow you'll have your gear stowed under the cockpit so CG will be pretty far aft when moving, but if you sleep with your feet under one of the cockpit seats you'll have your gear stowed forward which will help balance out your weight as well as the weight of mister John-Rude. Maybe I'll find the time to make a little sketch on graph paper to see if it would work. Or maybe I'll get distracted by something shiny and forget what I was thinking.