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  1. I also agree - A friend of mine singlehanded his S&S 34 well into his eighties. And that includes lowering and raising the mast while underway (to clear bridges. It's about working smarter rather than harder. I used to have extra long docklines on my CS17 so I could steer the boat onto the trailer in a crosswind or current. Once the boat was in position to haul up onto the trailer I would sometimes have the extra long stern line run through a cleat on the dock and then to me standing at the winch on the trailer. The line kept the stern from swinging until the boat was up on the trailer far enough for the guides to counteract the wind and/or current. I don't think I'd have handled a CS20 any differently.
  2. If you get within 100 yards of a car factory (where they are painting car bodies) with a tube of silicone you'll be sleeping with the fishes...
  3. I would buy or build a smaller sail before I'd add ballast to a Core Sound. I think you'll get more bang for the buck by reducing sail and finding a comfortable way to sit on the rail. That way your ballast (crew) is always where it is doing the most good and you're not reducing freeboard unnecessarily.
  4. Very nice! It looks like you don't need help after all.
  5. Lotus - If you give me the dimensions shown here as X and Y I'll see what I can come up with for a Boston Whaler style linkage.
  6. You're hired! It looks great. I better not let my wife see that color. I'm still hoping for yellow on our boat but I think she's partial to orange.
  7. Congratulations Pete! It seems like only yesterday you were 80% done with 80% to go and now here you are 99% done with 99% left to go!
  8. Ah! I get it now. All of the balloons are in holes. Like Don, I got the impression from an earlier photo that there were some spots where the balloons were just stuffed into the corners of a compartment. That's a really cool idea.
  9. Actually, the historically correct term for this design is "Dorothy". (running for cover) That's beautiful work.
  10. My guess is they are still class 4 but the drop-down list makes it easier to search some popular designs.
  11. Wow! So many Pauls here...
  12. It's worse than that. I'm not just a Merkin, I lived in the SF Bay Area for 10 years so Robert and I are practically brothers. I bet I've cut him off in a Sacramento traffic jam at one time or another.
  13. Actually at least two of us guys like it
  14. Robert - Thanks for continuing to contribute here. I've been slack lately because I always read and enjoy your posts but lately I haven't chimed in (sorry for that). I like all the projects you've shared here mostly because you're willing to go your own way and you're not shy about sharing the ups and downs of it all. That kind of attitude is both interesting and educational. Your enthusiasm for other people's projects (including mine) is infectious and I'm looking forward to catching up with you next time I get to CA and going for a paddle (though that is probably pretty far in the future). If you decide you'd rather concentrate on actually building a boat than playing around on the internet you'll still be my hero but I'll be extra happy if you can spare a little time to share and let me and the rest of the forum go along for the ride. I'll try to remember in the future that an occasional atta-boy from me might be helpful. Keep up the good work - You're exactly what this community needs.
  15. When you posted the picture of Chessie returning from the paint shop I was so busy looking at the boat that I missed the truck - Nice job on the truck, too!