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  1. okay thanks for the info.
  2. The 8 oz polyester cloth sold by Jeff... and thanks for answering.
  3. Can the polyester cloth be used like fiberglass cloth to patch a crack in a fiberglass boat with epoxy resin?
  4. i bought acetone so i shall use acetone...i think and buy a fancy plastic bucket with ratio lines and stuff on it.
  5. thanks again
  6. Oh, how many coats is best?
  7. Thank you kindly
  8. A few questions concerning the finish (paint). 1) I thought I saw in an earlier post but can't find it again that it is recommended to thin the first coat of paint. I am using Rusoleum oil based. what kind of ratio are we talking about for thinning. 2) what makes the skin waterproof, the paint or the ironing of the skin before the paint? Thanks. Chris
  9. Howdy, New to this forum. I have an old kayak that I am reskinning for a friend and I was asking Jeff about suitable sewing thread. He sent me here. I was wondering about braided fishing line - 80lb test and I see woodman has used the 50lb variety. Woodman, what brand did you use?