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  1. Epoxy Paste, Tiga 321

    What's that old saying...if it sounds too good to be true, it is!
  2. Oh, oh -- the die is cast...

    This is just what we need, more boats in the Northwest. I don't know what the count is but we have quite a few Weekenders in Washington. I have the eastern edge covered and the west is up to you guys.
  3. Mainsail Lacing Question

    I have been using the back and forth method for some time and it works fine. Easy to do and it's "old time" as well.
  4. Further Ballast Discussion regarding degrees from Vertical

    My Weekender starts shipping water at 35 degrees. That's real life, if there is such a thing.
  5. e-mail and the internet

    So John, when is the launch date? If you don't get your sail you can always just use the trolling motor! Actually, I have an extra main sail that Paul made long ago. It is the first one made for a Weekender and is cut a little to full but will work pretty good. I sailed with it for some time. Come to think about it I have a jib as well. If you need them let me know and we will work something out.
  6. a eookie's question

    Don't worry, poly will work fine and if you do it right will last for many years.
  7. Labels

    I know that we have expressed our thanks for all your hard work before and at the risk of repeating please allow me to say thank you for the site and your countless hours in putting this together. You have done a fine job with this project and it is appreciated.
  8. thoughts on the Diane G.

    How very exciting for you to be approaching the launch and the first tug on the main sheet. As I have said before, building is great fun, sailing is much more than fun. No need to worry friend, soon you will be floating on the wind.
  9. Wisdom Teeth

    My wife got sick and spent one day in hospital the bill is over 3,000. The medical industry in my opinion is a total rip-off and without integrity. They are without shame and prey on the misfortunes of others. However, God is not mocked and did you know that doctors live on average only 54 years. Maybe that says something about the knowledge that they have as well. If they really knew so much why do they die so young? I just send a little every month and by the time I get them paid off they will be dead!
  10. sailing day (long)

    Thanks for sharing the story and the pics of the sailing day. It looks so strange to me to not see mountians in the photos. Living here in the Northwest we always have a nice background of beautiful mountians and your photos look very flat!
  11. Launched Sanddragon

    What a beautiful boat, man she looks great. One idea that I see is that you need to tape off the ends of the shrouds so you don't have those sharp ends of the steel rope exposed. Get a bigger battery.
  12. Anybody Else?

    Not to worry, after doing the main measurements with the boat a lot of it is built by fitting the next piece in place. That's one of the things that give our little boats such character.
  13. Cockpit pictures

    Man what a show off! That is one awesome job. I will think about it while I am on the water....If I only had it to do over....
  14. weekender jibs

    Ray you probably already know this but for the sake of those who may not, the weight of the tongue should be not less than 5% of the total trailer(loaded). If you have less than 5% it can cause the trailer to fishtail. We recommend balancing the tongue out to between 5-7%. Some say 10% is ok but for me it's a little heavy to lift.
  15. Mounting the rudder box. Eyebolt size doesn't compute.

    What a welth of information! These guys that build boats are very clever.