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  1. The sheet should lead from the end of the sprit to the mast then down to a cleat. Rigged that way you can trim mizzen and staysail together and the loading will not adversely affect the sprit trim.
  2. David, I saw that you were going to replace your clam cleats with cams to prevent them from recleating when releasing the line...they make a nylon "keeper" that prevents that...part #814 or #815 depending on the size. Check the clam cleat website for a number of cool accessories. We can order if you can't find them locally. I've added them to all my clam cleats. Phil
  3. NRS makes a very robust oar lock we used on our CS17. I glued in G10 tubes to the reinforced deck and we used 10.5' oars. We rowed the last 12 miles of the 2014 EC on a flat calm night and averaged about 2.5 knots.
  4. Graham, great report on your EC voyage...we hope to be there next year with La Perla. I've always been intrigued by Matt Laydon's chine runners he used on Enigma and other designs. He used those with no boards and they seemed pretty effective. Those would be a relatively easy modification as opposed to a longer centerboard. Owning 2 cat ketch designs (Presto 30 and CS17) with good sails and spars, going to windward is not its best point of sail, however it reaches and runs very well. When we did the EC in the CS17 we rigged a bowsprit to set a small jib (from a Thistle) for light air. It certainly helped going to weather but it created lee helm...we also set an assymetrical spin from the sprit and the boat was planing in 14-16 kts of breeze. Overall I have been very impressed with the performance of the Core Sound design and it's a perfect craft for expedition/adventure races and camp cruising.
  5. For sleeping under the dodger, we used sleeping bag inside a bivy bag, which I found on, goretex material, very high quality and about $ would be on my list for that race to Alaska.
  6. This dodger we did for the EC has worked great
  7. If my boat weren't 1200 miles away I'd measure it for you.
  8. I think the plans show location for the aft position relative to the seat...I would start with that distance aft from your fwd location/seat. I temporarily taped on blocks of wood with oar locks in them and tried them out with oars in the garage to confirm the location.
  9. Check Sam's website and go back a few years for pictures of the boat...if that's the one
  10. This might be the boat, I remember considering buying this before I built my CS17. If it is painted a bright blue/green that's the one. The link to craig's list doesn't work. Members 182 posts Website Posted 01 July 2013 - 02:05 PM Boat has recently upgraded aluminum masts and rigging. 843-240-9287 Sam
  11. Hi Hal, Great job on your new Core Sound. very impressive...will you be test driving in the EC '16? Perfect boat for lurking in the Everglades. Phil, aka Sambasailor
  12. Congratulations David! Your CS looks great. That building cradle started life as a shipping container for aluminum booms made in Argentina. Good luck to the next builder!
  13. Hi David, On La Perla, #351, we opted to just bring coaming around the forward part of cockpit and we have a nice dodger that snaps onto comes back to about where the cleats are for the halyard and control lines for main mast. Look forward to seeing you hit the water! Phil
  14. With the Dyneema braid in the small sizes, I tie a figure eight knot or bowline, depending on the need, then put a few drops of super glue on the knot to seal it...also works to seal the ends of the braid rather than burning or whipping.
  15. La Perla is not a real lightweight build...she has all the standard design plywood and most hardwood is WRC and CB trunk is Douglas Fir. Taping was overdone a bit for added stiffness. Hull and deck weighed 300 lb (no blades, masts,booms, rigging or sails). Didn't weigh it all up but would bet it's about 400 lb.