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  1. Hey Sam and Ben

    Alex my first gameboy was an sp. It took a long time to annoy my Mom,unitl she gave in. The cats in my house found a dead mouse in a trap. When we came home,blood was on a woul blanket,it's guts were on the carpet and it's head was atached to the trap. I had to clean it up. :x
  2. Hey Sam and Ben

    Hey Alex sorry I have not said any in mounths. I feel real dumb. Well if my dad has not said it already, but I'm 11. Oh ya maery Chrismas and happy New Year. I got a gameboy micro. It is like a gameboy advance,but a metl shell. What did you get?
  3. Ben and I took the tarp off of Dragon last week and she is getting ready to sail again. Alexander, how is your boat, Dancer, doing? What have you been doing lately. Are you in any sports? I am doing baseball and so is my brother. bye.
  4. Who Won??????

    Still too warm here... :shock:
  5. Finally Joined

    Bengmein as has been bisy with school stuff. Oh,my brthday was juat last Sunday!
  6. Did they Quit??

    I am so sorry. I did not realiz what I bean mising. Do not forget the next time you go sailing to say" Hi lake or ocean. "
  7. Finally Joined

    Did You recive my warning :?: :!: What warning? Huh? We go all over the water.
  8. Treasure Race REPORT wanted

    How old is Konrads son? Is he big enough to build a boat yet?
  9. Race Declared

    Maybe. Tell what it is.
  10. Finally Joined

    We added wheels to Dragon to make it easier to move and Dad has a bigger, black cloth sail for us to use.
  11. Finally Joined

    I was a second grader, Sam too. We start 3rd grade next month.
  12. Hi Guys!

    Hi Laura. We have been hunting treasures in the creek in the ravine behind our house. What have you been doing? Has your brother picked up the jet ski from under the lake yet? :BIG:
  13. Treasure Race REPORT wanted

    I found a telephone pole buried a couple of feet down at the top of the ravine. Neat huh? I found a big knife in the creek, handle up, under the water. Also found some really old bottles and an old stereo next to the creek. What have you found so far?
  14. Its my birthday!

    Happy birthday Alexander. Hope you get lots and lots of presents and don't forget to grow an inch. Have a good time. :new-bday:
  15. Samel :!:

    Cubix is really out??? :x I love that show.