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  1. Books for the taking

    Good idea. You could also sell them used on Amazon it is pretty easy and then you can see if any of them are collectible. Just type in the ISBN numbers and then on the product page there is usually an button to "sell yours"
  2. That is really cool! Really neat to see historic Southern Boat Replicas in action since they seem to be a rare breed. Have you ever seen this book: http://www.amazon.com/Tidecraft-Carolina-Georgia-northeastern-1550-1950/dp/0964251906 I checked it out from the library in Beaufort SC once and really enjoyed it. Wished I could have my own copy but the price used is a little rich for my blood.
  3. After Almost 11,000 Miles, Jay Leno Closes In on a Year Without Refueling His Chevy Volt: http://t.co/HZ43Jue1 this is why volt > prius

  4. The American Cocktail http://t.co/tf9dg5eV via @uncrate seems interesting.

  5. Why does every youtube video I watch either have death metal or super crappy techno as the sound track?

  6. Occupy Wall Street Faces Evictions The Atlantic http://t.co/ilsv8cCt via @in_focus I like how all the police look so bored. Me Too!!

  7. Face-Lifted 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe: 271-hp Four, 345-hp V6, Eight-Speed Auto http://t.co/t9c0VIMa I want a turbo 4 in white.

  8. http://t.co/YGkI2ME9 The Canoe I want to build. Just ordered plans. Exciting!

  9. Running icon Bill Rodgers to race in Mount Dora event http://t.co/E31bGBfd I am going who else?

  10. New plywood canoe plan builds in 4.5 hours. : http://t.co/UM4agCyK I think I want to build a canoe!

  11. Moccasin 2

    Hey any news on the capacity for the Moccasin 2? I am looking to build a canoe with at least a 450 weight capacity and really like the Moccasin 2. What about a open Birder 2? Looking for any suggestions or advice. Thanks Paul
  12. attaching a Mohawk to you bike helmet just makes me want to run into you.... not cool.