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  1. JAKE ~ RAY ~ GRAEME ~ SNUPI & SNUPI's keel

    Oh Yeah, Tim .... P.E.I. go really hammered . That last Wee Gift from Ray did a 60" job on Moncton N.B., as well. I've been getting reports from Balmy Calgary. My 2nd son, Shawn, is a roofing contractoe there and my youngest daughter, Heather is with the Calgary Police Force. Seems you guys just keep batting the Chinooks back and forth and not letting us poor Eastern Maritimers get a break ! Geeeeez.... even the seals are heading south ! Temp at 6pm yesterday was -20 C....... add the chill factor to that and .... Move over seals , I'm coming thru !
  2. JAKE ~ RAY ~ GRAEME ~ SNUPI & SNUPI's keel

    Hi Tim, Ray, & Jake, Been "slacking " it ........ EXCUSE ???? .....That Upper Canadian Francophone that we exiled to Lewistown Maine, sent a bunch of New England Snow up here to the "Canadian Banana Belt". Be Forewarned..... he may soon tire of sending the "STUFF" to Canada ! YOU COULD BE NEXT, regardless of where you live! Keep a snow shovel handy , JAKE ! Rather puts a crimp in the warm weather sailing dreams. As well, after 5 heart attacks, 1 cardiac arrest and 1 triple bypass, I decided it best to slow down a tad. :cry: Soooooo I rebuilt the steering wheel pedistal w/ flip up lunch ~ chart table / plus depth sounder, fish finder/ compass / GPS and VHF radio mounting binnacle for the third time. :twisted: It NOW suits me. I wanted to be able to use it whether I was standing or sitting, drunk or sober, ......PLUS .....AND be able to disconnect / remove the binnacle head with all the instruments easily, for security reasons, when SNUPI was sitting unattended at the mooring. (Out of sight, out of mind ! :twisted: ) Pictures will be forthcoming in the next few days. ( no point in outdated "updates" , eh ! ) [attachment over 4 years old deleted by admin]

    ..........that applies to ANY boat that is moored in SALT WATER ! You don't have to get knocked down, it matters less whether there's Ballast , ( although RAY has sure convinced me ! ) When I was talking to the new owners of the GOLD RIVER Marina, I was queried about the manner of pumps, wiring , etc ! The point that is critical is that ALL / ANY wiring connections MUST BE ABOVE the internal water line that could occur OR be absolutely waterproofed ! Even though there may not be salt water leaking into the hull, ocean spray can AND does transport sufficient salt, that in time will create an effective ELECTROLYTE ! Any PAIR , (+ and - ) connections that can be submerged in this electrolyte will drain the cookies from the battery ! Some of the boats that sunk during the last few " HURRY - CANES " , sunk strictly because of salt water splashing into the hull, cabin , etc ., flooding some of the wiring, killing the battery , thus no bilge pumping ! I'll be mooring SNUPI next spring at either Gold River Marina or I'll drop a mooring in front of my son's summer place at Oak Island , ( So's I can be close to Capt Kidd's treasure ! ), either way she'll be spending a fair number of days fending for herself, so the advise I've received is, Cover ALL your bases, the ocean learns a few new tricks each year !

    There's been a wonderful number of suggestions of "where , how many and even if ", bilge pumps should be installed in Weekenders, Vacationers or PC's ! The other topic of discusion has been to determine the best location for a 12 volt battery to run the afore mentioned 12 volt pumps !. Just because I can, SNUPI has a 2 automatic bilge pumps, 12 volt industrial battery and a pair of 5 watt Solar chargers , a 600 gph auto pump in the "Laz" and a 900 gph in the lower portion of the companionway box ! I saw the results of a boat with an automatic pump and a DEAD uncharged BATTERY this summer ! The "pointy Stick thingie with a flag sure looked weird stickingh out of the water ! Now the the Battery ........ How many of you folks are aware that you can dunk , or submerge a 12 volt battery for an extended period of time in FRESH WATER without affecting the charge, other than whatever the lights are drawing , etc ! Try that same "DUNKING" of your 12 volt battery in "SALT WATER" and you'll kill the charge in no time flat ! Why? 'Cause the salt water acts as an ELECTROLYTE and effectively "Shorts out" every place where it can bridge the (+) & (-) connectors, whether it be the clip ons of a switch or THE 2 MAIN BATTERY TERMINALS ! I have witnessed this on several occasions where cars have left the road and gone for a swim at nite ! Those dunked in fresh water will keep their lights burning until the battery is discharged as would be normally . HOWEVER, the car hhaving a SALT WATER bath will have the lights/ battery trashed inside of 4 - 6 minutes ! SOOOOOOOOOO In the event of a knockdown in SALT WATER, there's a whole different ballgame with regards electrical devices , i.e. 12 volt lights , 12 volt VHF radios, etc , if any part of your electrical system is exposed ! There are waays to reduce the SALT WATER attack, ....... first of all, use a independantly vented / isolated circuit / Marine Gel battery, or put the battery in a water tight case and vent to the outside . ( I know of one that's vented out the side of the bow sprit ???? ) I've been told there's load sensitive breakers available that will isolate "Dunked " portions of thwe wiring, but I've not found them as yet ! Fresh water dunking? oh well ! ! probably just a whole bunch of red faced excuses to make up and deal with ! ..........hehehehe !
  5. epoxy and ventilation

    A pin hole leak in a vinyl / surgical rubber glove is enough to set off a reaction once you've become allergic. The same applies to the sanding dust or vapour from the stuff "working". :evil: :evil: You can get the same reaction from both the liquid mix or the dust from sanding . Do you really want that S H _ T _Y , redness and itching LIKE YOU'LL NEVER FORGET in your lungs ???????! :shock: :shock: With or Without a prescription for "MOMETASONE" or similar ointment, the most relieving thing to do as soon as possible after exposure, is to tale a COOL shower to rid the skin of as much of the dust as possible. ( The cool or cold water keeps the pores closed and disallows the skin the ability to absorb the epoxy residue ! The next stage is to lather up completely, including your hair , ( That part only takes me a minute ), and gradually work the water temp up as high as you gan stand it ! this will "Cook" any infection irritation already started and WILL reduce the amount of itching. I've gotten out of bed to do that last treatment, the only way I could get enough relief to go to sleep ! BTW, I discovered that once you've become sensitive to epoxy, Resin powdered ( water mixed) will kick off the same reaction ! WEAR GLOVES, MASKS AND USE EXHAUST FANS I bought a 28" 3 speed square fan from Wal-Mart for $ 25.00 Cdn, built a temp closable opening in the "garage door" to blow the dusty air out and suck fresh air in from the other end ... WORKS great ! One hell of a lot cheaper than a "proper" commercial exhaust fanand if it "CROAKS", who cares !
  6. A little help with an old boat

    SNUPI is in the "prime & sand & prime & sand and on and on and so on stage ! I haven't bolted the ballast segments to the keel yet. That will have to wait until she's seen some H2O. The sail system is waiting until I have SNUPI out the door again for a final paint job at my son's industrial refinishing business. Definitely going with white polytarp while I "far_" around with some designs. Regardless, at least one 20 ~ 22' free standing mast is the order of the day. That way I can put any number of variant systems up the stick, including a gaffer. ! I discovered during this summer's Mahone Bay Wooden Boat festival that there were a "Bunch" of birdsmouth masts , wrapped with 6 oz. f-glas cloth and running free standing. A few were rotating on aluminum 3 to 4' support stubs with solid block vinyl bearings . ! Most of these were running sprit and lug sails, however there were 3 such gaffer rigs encoultered out beyond the sheltered part of Mahone Bay. The majority of these boat owners I talked with were happy as hell with unsupported masts and had been serious reservations in the past about the system.! Most of these were on 16 to 22' hulls ! VERY IMPRESSIVE to watch them race hard without a mishap !
  7. A little help with an old boat

    Both of these URLS are EXACTLY as on the Fairey sites. I entered "Fairey aircraft boats" into google and thar they were ! The Swordfish was the plane used by the UK allies in WW11 . I would not be surprised if you had some Cold molded areas of your hull ! Anywho ....... there is your answer and leads to more info. ENJOY ! :wink: :wink:
  8. A little help with an old boat

    Yup . you're right on the money ! "Fairey had WW 11 aircraft plants throughout canada & the UK AND they did buil;d boats ! here's a lead to the info you're looking for . All the best, ... Graeme http://www.boats.com/boat-articles/Design+and+Construction-109/Fairey+Boatbuilders/1184.html http://uboat.net/allies/aircraft/swordfish.htm
  9. MOVING the AFT MAST on a Cat Ketch

    Hello STUMP, Pics of the MESSY / DUSTY PRIMER SANDING DUST all over everything within a 5 mile radius of SNUPI SOON . :x :x I'm using a 2 part epoxy type industrial primer. Pricy, slow, but seems to be doing the job. Speaking of which.... I'm trying to fit some Real Estate business into my "Boat Building Time" ! :wink: :wink: There was NO END to fairing the uneven grain of the D/Fir plywood ..... even after the application/ sanding of glass and epoxy resin, sooooooo, it's SAND, SAND, SAND, then more primer & "block / board" sand some more !
  10. MOVING the AFT MAST on a Cat Ketch

    Hi Joe, Greetings from Nova Scotia ........ Your response is well founded. I have reservations about the offset companionway as well. We don't always get to choose which side is going "Down" in a "Knockdown" ! The problem that My Buddy, Shawn, has could be quite easily resolved ........ more "veggies" and LESS BEER until he would fit thru the opening, but I am hesitant to suggest such a "RADICAL" solution to a 6' 5" , 265 lb Jolly Giant ! ( At least until I move a couple of thousand miles away ! ) My own take on the situation is that for ordinary "messin-about" sailing, moving the mast 8" - 10" to one side, on a 7' wide hull, is very likely the lesser of the evils and questionable that it would cause any drastic handling changes, however that is a decision that he'll have to make.
  11. MOVING the AFT MAST on a Cat Ketch

    Hi Folks, I'm working away trying to get my "somewhat modified" Weekender wet. The heat here has driven me out of the shop the last few days. QUESTION ???? A friend of mine had been tossing around a building a Weekender. HOWEVER, recently he has been bitten by the "Cat Ketch Bug" !!!! particularily the BELHAVEN 19. The one design area that he has been beating to death, is the obstructive location of the aft mast, centered in front of the companionway ! Could the aft mast be relocated to one side of the companionway, even by an amount that would make it a tad easier to pass by, without causing a catastrophic handling results ????? Nobody, including some "Old Salts", that he or I have asked can answer the lethal question. Seems that at worst, the answer has been a resounding NO, without any rational logic other than , "Because the masts are ALWAYS CENTERED", to the other side of the coin which is, "Well given the overall balanced sail design, the absolute centering of the aft mast is not as critical and relocating it a few inches to one side or another would likely not cause the vessel to misbehave to a serious degree ! At least this indicates some consideration to the queston ! Way the blazes over my head ! Any brave souls out there ?
  12. SNEEZE, KOF, KOF ..Dusty work or what ??? SNUPI PICS

    These things happen to transplanted Canadians that have moved south ! Rigging ? Pretty much the original soft rotating airfoil design. I'm going to run with white tarp until the bugs are either eliminated or I totally scrap the idea ! A lot cheaper than experimenting with a suit of mega - hundreds dollar sails ! I can easily play to my hearts content with any number of sail designs, not be out that many $$$$$, and still be able to revert to the marconi or standard gaff rig ! One suggestion that has come out of the "Lunenburg Salt Water", was a sail that incorporated both the high pointing and light wind advantages of the soft rotating airfoil AND the lower center of effort advantages of a low aspect fully battened gaff rig ! ( not too unlike a modified "Junk" sail I suppose ) It's so damn simple, has such a bunch of advantages, I don't know how I missed that one ! Actually, I'm surprised RAY didn't throw that one at me ! ( I may have to modify RAY's unrestricted "Infinite Wisdom" title to "Intermediate Learned One of Infinite Wisdom" ! heheheheh [attachment over 4 years old deleted by admin]
  13. SNEEZE, KOF, KOF ..Dusty work or what ??? SNUPI PICS

    Hi Frank, It is said that necessity is the mother of invention ......it appears that the same idea applies to boat design. What I saw in the Stevenson's hulls was a strong, simple seaworthy design that was ADAPTABLE to my purposes without compromising the seaworthy aspect . Because SNUPI will be moored 35 +/- miles from my present aresidence, I wanted to be able to scoot the 30 minute drive to the Atlantic side of Nova Scotia, not have to frig with a set up, but simply get aboard and hoist the sails and GO !!!! Major advantages I have is my relationship with a number of old time shipyard workers/builders on the south shore of Nova Scotia. ( I was born in Lunenburg, home of great numbers of salt banker Great Banks schooners, such as the world famous schooner BLUENOSE, the skipper of which, Capt. Angus Walters, was a family friend . ) The other boat building advantage I have ( As does anyone who need a helping hand), is a long distance friendship with Messing - About's own RAY FRECHETTE, of Lewistown, Maine. We all give Ray a bit of a hard time on occasion, but MAKE NO MISTAKE........ Ray does his homework, and has earned my deepest respect, as well as that of a couple of "Old Timer" shipyard workers here in Atlantic Nova Scotia to whom I have shown his ideas ! Of course, Ray lives on the North East Coast, has Canadian "roots" and has a similar exposure to an endless source of well seasoned "Old Salts" with first hand experience with wooden sailing craft of all sizes & types and a personal relationship with the unpredictable North Atlantic Ocean coastline waters ! Back to SNUPI .....At the end of the day, or should crappy weather crop up, I will be able to "Camp", ( think self contained hardtop camper trailer ), either at the marina or tuck in behind one of the many coastal islands, drop anchoror, run up on a beach if it's sandy, pop up a boom tent ....... and IT'S MILLER TIME ! SNUPI is an floating RV more than a sunny day sailer . THUS....... trailer ease is a notch or two down the list, a few creature comforts, (and as much seaworthyness as can be in a small hull), a notch or two above !

  15. SNEEZE, KOF, KOF ..Dusty work or what ??? SNUPI PICS

    Hi Frank, Re: SNUPI's on water performance ................ she is more like a downsized VACATIONER than an upsized WEEKENDER. She will be a tad deeper in the water due to 300 lbs of ballast and a one inch thick bottom laminated with a total of 4 layers of glass cloth (9 oz) and a total of 5 coats of epoxy, a fuller cabin with flip up bunks, 10 imperial gallon domestic water tank, on so on. She is also 7 feet in the beam and 5 feet wide at the transom. Her deck length is 19' Her freeboard has been increased and the hull sides beefed up with a mid height 1 3/4" x 3/4" full length stringer ! REASONING ! She is as large as would fit inside the garage ( Had to add a 4' temp extension), plus SNUPI will be salt water moored in a cove off the Atlantic Ocean ( In Mahone Bay, tucked in behind the well known Capt. Kidd's Oak Island treasure site !), and sailed for the most part in the coastal waters of the Atlantic. Her basic concept was derived from the simplistically designed Weekender, then modified to work within the unpredictable waters of the coastal North Atlantic. My eye originally was caught by the similarity to the east coast dory hull, a virtual go anywhere under any condition design ! Sooooooo, I agree that SNUPI's "Great Grand-Daddy was a Weekender, however presently her genes have been modified ! Probably to the same degree that the original Weekender hull design obtained the seaworthyness fron the genes borrowed fron the East Coast Salt-banker's Schooner's dories.