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  1. Spindrift 10 build

    Nice to see another S10 taking shape, I will be following your progress with interest. What type of wood did you use for the stringers and other framing? I have just started easing into building mine after years of sitting on the plans. Better late than never!
  2. No 13-14ft options?

    Thank you Graham, I first have to build and sail my Spindrift 10 before I will know what all my needs need to be! But to get the concept ball rolling, some desirable features would include: - quick to rig - easy to get under bridges (perhaps tabernacles for the masts, which might also assist in quick rigging). - shallow water sailing - move well under oars, scull or electric trolling motor - reasonably dry in rough conditions - easy to anchor for fishing - able to punch through small surf - self draining cockpit I have been doodling away on CAD for a while, starting with a model of the Spindrift 10. It is primarily just to get an idea of proportions, and to see if if the design strikes a chord anywhere deep down. You can see some SCAMP DNA creep through in the small cuddy and extra panel on the topsides with a bit of tumblehome. I increased the flare on the original topside panel before trimming down the sheer line and then adding the top panel. The final sheer line is a good deal higher than the original and it sweeps up proportionally more towards the stem and stern. The length was scaled up to just over 13ft and the beam adjusted to give the same length/beam ratio as the CS15. It is only marginally beamier than the Spindrift 12 and a fair bit narrower than the Miracle, although the difference in waterline beam will be less noticeable. Draft was scaled in proportion to beam to leave deadrise unchanged. Total displacement, based on original waterline, scaled to 450lb. As drawn the main sail has about 65sqft and the mizzen 22. With a traveller on the cuddy roof for the mainsheet, the cockpit can be left almost completely clutter-free. A traveller on the transom should allow the mizzen to be placed well aft without the need for a boomkin. Sail sizes and placement have not been subjected to any performance, stability or balance evaluation.
  3. No 13-14ft options?

    A dolly is simply an A-frame with small wheels used to move boats around on the hard or launch by hand. Many of the available launching spots around here are not suitable for launching straight off a trailer. What I should have said, and was trying to imply, was a weight limit of about 170lbs. It is precisely for convenience's sake that I have not already built a CS15 - it is simply too heavy. I currently sail a Miracle, the 13ft bigger sister of the Mirror. It is about as heavy a boat as I would consider for a quick sail and it has taken my brother and I, both big lads, on an epic weekend adventure. It was indeed a bit cramped, but that was purely because the boat was not designed with storage space in mind. Had there been hatches in the fore-deck and side tanks we would have had no problem with space. We obviously did not try to sleep aboard. We also had the "opportunity" to practice righting the boat after a capsize and turning turtle a mile from shore in very choppy conditions. I am in complete agreement on the trailer. The Miracle lives on a trailer with an integral dolly which is very convenient. You can just make out the dolly wheel behind the trailer registration plate in the pic attached. I have since built another dolly for my 13ft Gypsy to fit the same trailer. Swapping boats is a matter of wheeling one off and rolling the other one on. There is a winch to assist but I would only need it if loading on a steep ramp. Being a light boat, the trailer itself need not be all that bulky. Keeping the combined weight low is another important thing for me due to my yard layout - I need to maneuver the whole lot down an alley by hand before I can hitch it to the car.
  4. No 13-14ft options?

    Thanks for the replies. My interest is in a boat that is still light enough to launch singlehandedly with just a dolly, easy solo capsize recovery but long enough to allow for the use of a mizzen. An off-centre board to make space for solo camp-cruising. Please, Santa, I've been a good boy!
  5. No 13-14ft options?

    Any particular reason why there is no design to bridge the gap between the 12ft Spindrift and the CS 15?
  6. Spindrift S10 sail material?

    Fresh from the loft: Now I just need to put together the woody bits that go between the sail and the water...
  7. Spindrift 10 Mast?

    I have the S10 plans in metric. Both aluminum sections call for 1.6mm wall thickness. That is 1/16".
  8. Spindrift S10 sail material?

    Graham, please check your email - I have a query about the rigging plans I received.
  9. Spindrift S10 sail material?

    Thanks Graham. Are there any disadvantages in choosing the rotating mast option (assuming appropriate gooseneck)? Would the vang attachment have to move onto the foot of the mast as opposed to the angled ss plate as per the plans? Just another questions about the rigging - Is the reefing cringle on the leech (reef-clew?) situated above or below the batten?
  10. Spindrift S10 sail material?

    Some more questions, if you have time to answer: How do you find the mainsheet layout for sailing either solo or two-up? When tacking, do you move over to weather ahead or aft of the sheet? (I must have recieved the wrong drawing sheet Is your new sail rigged with a halyard? I notice that the laser mast rotates while the Spindrift's is fixed - are there benefits or other implications for going with one or the other?
  11. Spindrift S10 sail material?

    That's why the locals call it Eden! Thanks Alex, Full Laser rig or Radial? What is your experience sailing in different wind conditions? I see the plans show the same sleeved luff design with the mast open where the sail is to be reefed.
  12. I have gone over the plans a good number of times and I cannot seem to find the specified material weight for the sail. I live in Port Elizabeth, South Africa's "Windy City". The sail should be able to handle 15kts, gusting 20+, if I do not want to greatly limit the available opportunities to sail. Any suggestions for changes to material, camber or size of the reef (if any)?
  13. Spindrift 12 Photos

    Any more videos or pics of it in action? I need to feed the urge...
  14. Boarding Ladders for Spindrift

    How about some of those photos your friend was taking (of you sailing - I hope!) You also promised us a video in an earlier thread...I have watched every clip of a spindrift I could find 3 times over and I am in need of new material, PLEASE!
  15. Help with Spindrift 10 plans

    Hi Graham, Email sent a few minutes ago. Looking forward to your reply.