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  1. Thanks beacher.... good to know it worked out... thanks again for the fast response will
  2. Thank everyone for the very detailed the centerline and will be painting the masts. Tonight got the idea to use epoxy thickened with micro balloons to fill in gap at joint of the mast around the entire circumference instead of using the fiberglass wedge. I have done only one joint and then began to have doubts.... is this a stupid thing to do.? Will the epoxy crack with movement of the mast? Any other reasons why this won't work? anyway... hoping for a reply tonight if I need to undo it.... thanks in advance. will
  3. Hello All, Any pearls for finding the centerline of the mast (CS 17) for installing sail track. Also, any insights into sequence, process, pitfalls, etc. of attaching hardware on mast would be appreciated. Also any thoughts on painting vs. not painting. thank you very much, Will
  4. Thanks Paul....Grinding it is then. I will do as you did. Thanks again. will
  5. Thanks. I will first try the other end:)
  6. Yes....the bottom is slightly bigger,but they do not fit. I had put on the bushings before attempting to fit them. Needed to grind the bushings off and in the process also sanded the 2nd mast section just to see if it would fit after with no luck.
  7. Hello, The first and second sections of the mast are very close (ie, do not need bushings) and do not fit currently. Any suggestions on how to get these sections to fit without weakening the mast. Thank you, Will
  8. Wish I could replicate the up/down haul...but she's already glued up. Thanks for the pictures. Looks awesome.
  9. Thank you all. Thanks Alan, I appreciate you mailing it. Will
  10. Hello, Any leads on where to find the copper down haul tube for the rudder. 3/8 x2"? thanks, will
  11. Steve, I live just west of Winston-Salem and have used the Okoume ply from the hardwood store for my CS17....just got 2 sheets from them about 2 weeks ago. I am not an expert on plywood. As you said...indicated to be BS1088, certified, etc. etc. What I have noticed is the followng: Con: the plys are not uniform. From reading other's posts, it seems that this is desirable. Nevertheless, this never seemed to be a problem in any aspect of my working with it as far as I can tell. Pros: i have never found any voids or defects and have gone through 11 sheets (3 9mm sheets and 8 6mm sheets). Hardwood store very easy to work with and seems to have a good supply. Would be happy to send you pictures of end grain if it would be helpful. Will Acree
  12. Excellent Site! Thank you Frank!
  13. Is the bow eye typically epoxied in or sealed to allow for removal? (CS-17) Thank you, Will
  14. Now that is a clear reply. Very well. Thank you.
  15. Thanks Grahm, Not sure where I got that......glad I was wrong! Any thoughts on eliminating the foredeck?